Bucket list checked!

So Haasband’s idea for a #SkyDiving done ✔️. And here I did a fast-mo video of è sneak peek only. Hehe.

For mai own version of è full video, it’s on mai YouTube.

Me too can’t wait to see è actual/official video & photos of our free-fall & è amazing mountain views. I must hv looked so ugly & hilarious up there. But Mr. Steve said I did gd. 👍😱🚁🗻

#TravelWithHaaSara #Europe #EuropeTrip #switzerland #lauterbrunnen #helicopter #helicopterride skydive #myfirstskydive #iwantmore #isurvived (at Swiss Alps, Lauterbrunnen - Switzerland)

Just returned from a helicopter ride around Oahu. It was so beautiful viewing everything from above. It was a surprise for the kiddies as the start of birthday celebrations. We saw some whales jumping in the ocean on the North Shore, we saw masses of sea turtles swimming in the reefs in Kaneohe Bay and we saw a 2000 foot waterfall that you can only see if you are on a helicopter. We were all about worried because like 2 hours before we were expected to fly out it started bucketing down with rain but the weather cleared and it was beautiful weather. It was such a fantastic time and the kids are so lucky to have wonderful parents :) 

This world is amazing. Never have I ever seen this much beauty within less than two weeks. New Zealand sure takes my breath away on a daily basis. The Stray tour so far has been fantastic! Have ended up with the most lovely people, it’s a shame most of us are going separate ways from Queenstown… Though me, the English and the Irish have got a few more things planned before my journey ends. 💚❄🌏 #FranzJosephglacier #helicopterride #Strayteam #NewZaeland (at Queenstown)