I remember Helena Bonham Carter’s mom (Elena Propper de Callejon), a famous psychiatrist, being on the set of ‘Les Mis’ and saying, ‘Listen, you guys worry too much about it. Just feed them and love them. It’s all you’ve got to do’
—  Hugh Jackman about balancing parenting and work
Reasons why the Tokyo Ghoul √A anime is one big mess:
  • No proper explanation as to why Kaneki joined Aogiri.
  • Kaneki has only said like two words the entire series.
  • Terrible pacing due to being only 12 episodes.
  • Banjou and his friends are rescued by Tsukiyama and then are basically non-existent.
  • Random fanservice scenes of Touka being sad that could have been used for more development from Kaneki.
  • Extremely butchered Tsukiyama character development.
  • Loser the cockatiel has had more screen-time than Kaneki.
  • No explanation about Shiro and Kuro and their relation to Kanou and Kaneki.
  • No Kanou and Kaneki confrontation.
  • Mediocre animation quality.
  • Seriously just read the manga.