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So is your bunny "The one that hops"? Because I could not stop myself from saying that...

WELLLLL, now that you’ve said that (and seriously, how had I not seen that pun before?)…


Heisenberg was named as such because my husband and I were getting in to Breaking Bad at the time! I tried calling him Tesla for, like, a day, but it just didn’t feel right. So Heisenberg it was (and then I could call him Heisenbunny too)!

We both still want to make an Easter card that is a photo of our Heisenberg with a small hat and glasses, surrounded by plastic eggs full of blue rock candy. Maybe next year…


I have the cutest frickin’ rabbit.

Poor Heisenberg has been a little skittish while trying to get used to the new apartment, but I think he has now hit the “this is my place, what the heck are you doing with my stuff?” mode, so he should be okay now.


It’s not TOTALLY clean (I use the weekend to wash the sheet and towel and wipe everything down), but Heisenberg’s enclosure got a litter change and quick tidy-up.

It’s definitely not the BEST bunny home, but he has his box (which is where he goes during the day or when the vacuum is on, b/c #1 Rule of the Box is that NO ONE but Heisenberg is allowed in anyway inside), two litter boxes, a place for hay, a water bottle, and a water dish (I like having the water bottle in there in case I forget to change his water bowl, though he prefers the bowl).

Tried to give the little dude as much space as possible when he’s fenced in. He has figured out how to jump on top of his cage and over the cube bookshelf, but he’s only done so when he’s gotten really antsy and when there’s been an area for him to jump over to. So we’ve been watching that.

I swear, this designated bunny area is a good 1/4 to 1/3 of our living room. He gets the primo location. And when my husband and I are home, he gets free reign of the apartment (with a close eye of course). Goodness knows he’s had plenty of opportunity to chew the hell out of almost everything in our apartment, but he’s been deceptively good and hasn’t damaged something yet. Heisenberg mostly likes hanging with us and getting head scratches when he’s out and about.

I can’t wait to get a higher fence and bring him to my parents so he can have (supervised and restrained) outdoor time in the yard.

(For the curious, that heater that’s pictured behind that one litter box is never turned on. Our apartment retains temperature and we NEVER have to turn on any of the heaters. Pain in the butt in the summer though. But, the air conditioner will be in the living room, so we may be warm in the bedroom, but Heisenberg should be nice and cool.)



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My rabbit, ladies and gentlemen.