A Promise to Keep

Sybil Crawley has been living at Bletchley Park for some years, working as a code breaker for the British Government, when she meets Tom Branson, one of the many new additions to staff. It doesn’t take much for the two of them to become friends and lovers, but destiny has other plans. They part with the promise to see each other again and resume what they were forced to interrupt.

1945, the war has been over for several weeks. After a very short stop at Downton, Sybil departs for Ireland with only a small suitcase and a crumpled letter with an encrypted message on it. She has a promise to keep and there is nothing in the world that can stop her.

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A small reminder of things that I have missed! 

  • josephine:i would recommend we keep a diplomatic approach when addressing the nobles
  • cullen:i disagree, force may be needed especially with-
  • inquisitor:ugh you're so hot
  • leliana:
  • josephine:
  • cullen:
  • inquisitor:
  • inquisitor:iT'S so hot
  • inquisitor:in here
  • inquisitor:w ow phew
  • inquisitor:[fans self]
  • inquisitor:is anyone else hot or is it just you- mE. i'm hot, i mean temperature wise i
  • inquisitor:[sweats]
  • inquisitor:so how about those pesky nobles

Lady Sybil Vimes (née Ramkin) Duchess of Ankh

If you don’t think Lady Sybil is absolutely wonderful and perfect then I don’t even know what to say to you

  • Lady Sybil who breeds swamp dragons in her spare time
  • Lady Sybil who once faced down a dragon the size of a street by scolding it firmly
  • Lady Sybil who sang part of a dwarf opera from memory in order to diffuse a sticky political situation
  • Lady Sybil who, when kidnapped by werewolves, escaped out of the window and belted one of them around the head with a log…while pregnant
  • Lady Sybil who darns her husbands socks personally, despite the fact that she is rich enough to buy a new pair every day for the rest of their lives if need be
  • Lady Sybil, founder of The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons AND The Lady Sybil Free Hospital, one of the few hospitals where people actually come out alive
  • Lady Sybil who has friends and connections around the world and is on a first name basis with Lord Vetinari
  • Lady Sybil who is one of the kindest, most compassionate, most open-minded characters in the Discworld series, who is endlessly patient and reasonable, who shows tremendous courage in the face of danger, who treats everyone she meets as a equal despite her privileged upbringing and who never compromises her principles or deserts those in need
  • Lady Sybil <3