Jim/Bones Mirrorverse Fic Rec

One of my favourite gifts Star Trek has given us is the delightfully terrifying mirrorverse, shown in in TOS ep Mirror Mirror, so here’s my AOS Jim/Bones mirrorverse fic rec on the request of heinzess. An addition to my main jim/bones fic rec

and miles to go before I sleep by solvent90 

Five times Leonard McCoy kept his promises

 Very dark fic, even for mirrorverse, but a great example of what kind of man McCoy would be in that verse.

a universal history of the destruction of terra by 8611

The fall of the Terran Empire.

This fic is more plot based than other fic, but despite it’s depressing premise, its less dark than most mirroverse fic. Its even surprisingly sweet in places. 

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When I was in Spain recently, promoting Dredd, Viggo’s [Mortensen] movie was coming out the day after mine and I was doing press the day before him and I went in there and told all of the press that Viggo just bought a goat farm in Segovia with a thousand goats and I swear to God, it was reported in the news. It was on primetime television and every single interview that he went in to talk about his movie he was being asked about this goat farm and the goat cheese, and in the end, he actually just started lying saying, “Yeah, I like the spotted ones because they make sweeter cheese and they fart less.”

For heinzess. Have your kiwi.


I am critical of myself like everyone else. You go to a movie theater and you are forty feet high. I had bad skin as a teenager and I am a shy person, but I think I am in the perfect business to fight my insecurities. You have to learn to love yourself and say, ‘I am pretty cool’ instead of being so critical. You can easily fall into the trap of doing that.

For heinzess. Happy holidays, old bitch.