• Isayama:Oh hey look. Chapter 57.
  • Isayama:Remember Capt. Ackerman?? His name is Kaney and-
  • Isayama:WHOPP he almost shot Levi.
  • Isayama:But he didn't.
  • Isayama:Lol.
  • Isayama:He just killed hanji's squad.
  • Isayama:What's that? You thought I was gonna kill Levi because I gave away too much information about him and his past?
  • Isayama:PSHHHHH. NO.
  • Isayama:OH WAIT WAIT WAIT.
  • Isayama:Kaney just pointed a gun towards Levi.
  • Isayama:And he only has swords to defend himself with.
  • Isayama:AAANDDD that's all you get for now.
  • Isayama:You have to wait next month again haha
  • Isayama:Hm? Oh don't worry. Levi won't die.
  • Isayama:Well...not yet.
  • Isayama:Lol.
  • Isayama:This is gonna be fun.

anonymous asked:

Heichouuuu, are you still going to the con? I rly want to see you there, and I'm nervous but I wanna get a picture with you..! You're cosplaying as levi right? wait are you gonna be there all weekend? and whatre the days youre oiing levi?

I’m not sure now. I’ve been having stomach problems, and we don’t know serious they are. I’ve also managed to be put into a knee brace tonight!! My health has gone to shit.

If I can still go I will be there all weekend with jongkey1221 and potatohunter8.

I’ll be cosplaying Levi all Saturday :)

HEICHOUUUU (not heichou yet tho..)

Reading the Shingeki no Kyojin Gaiden about Levi’s past…

OMG as I thought, Heichou is so (obviously kickass) gay and beautiful in it…!! As expected from nitro-plus writer and a shoujo magazine XD

I’m not into Erwin x Levi as much as Eren x Levi, but it’s still hot ^^

Need MOAR. (ok, I would rather see him appear again in SnK manga)


IT IS EVIL THAT THEY MADE TWO COVERS. (The one on the right is special edition with a book case and the prologue chapter.)

Cover slip says WHY SO PRETTY HEICHOU?! (Ok, it’s a comment from Hisayama who said “this Levi is soooo pretty!!”)

Shounen Magazine also has attached this week a special Heichou cover for Vol 13, which was very tempting. I WANT ALL THE HEICHOU!