For the first price winner in my giveaway, tybster! They wanted a drawing from my pirate!AU where Steve has caught Tony. This turned out looking a bit more sexual than what I had intended. heh

Anyway, Steve is not a marine. He’s just a pirate who works for the government sometimes when it comes to handling other pirates. Eventually Tony will convince Steve to quit doing that and they merge their pirate crews and live happily ever after, pillaging and searching for treasures together. :)

kahloooopal asked:

alright !! either "Come home with me." or "You don't need to protect me." with Hoperai x3

Lightning had lived in the kingdom of Eden for her entire life. Even so, she’d never given much thought to the royal family. Sometimes they’d catch her eye when she passed by a newsstand or caught a headline online, but it pretty much went one eye and out the other

At least, this was so…until the fateful day when she was told she was the heir to the throne.

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Happy Birth(day), Rebs! :D (I honestly thought it’d be funny)

I had to wait until you came back from school to post this, but still.

I’d like to thank you for being so amazing and making me smile whenever you post something funny. You are truly a wonderful person and I could go on and on about that, but then that’d be boring after a while, heh.

Anyway, I know it’s crap, but it’s crap I made for you and that’s all that matters. (And I tried making you look more like space, but I can only go so far with colored pencils)

Keep being amazing, you nerdy space nugget!

The birthday boy (posed ready to take a bite off his blueberry cheesecake) takes a photo with special guests Ryoya, Soujiro, and Tadashi (who may or may not have brought with him a whole bunch of yokai). This is gonna be an interesting party~

My dearest Ryu, I wish you an amazing 22nd year! Here’s to more love, happiness, and success. Cheers!


Music Tag- Kpop Edition

Massive thank you to the lovely cutie milkand-kookie for tagging me! This is kind of late but it’s fun ^^ should I do a non-kpop version as well?

Put your phone on shuffle and list the first ten songs that comes up

1. 흥탄소년단 by BTS

2. El Dorado by Exo-M

3. Bae Bae by Big Bang (that was a lot of B’s)

4.  쩔어 by BTS

5. Shirt by Super Junior

6. I’m Him by Mino


8. 네게 난 by Joo Young 

9. Trespass by Monsta X

10. Crazy by 4Minute 

I’ll tag: aegyo-damnit, nerdsuho, planetkaisoo27, bapsonyeondan, smilingtaehyung, nielswifeu, nicolex69, cyphkiller, jonghyunslisterine, gukklo have fuuun (if you do this) ^^


So, I did my first ever performance last night at my school’s spring concert and I figured I would post the video here, in case anyone wanted to watch it.

Awww.  Thanks, celepom!  :))

Yeah….I had a fortunate patch recently with some spare moolah….and I was high-on-Life-and-Sonic.   (and Sonic is *kinda* Life…… ;)  )

I wish everyone had them.  I hate to show them, make anyone feel bad.  :/

But I hoped folks might get a kick out of them all together.

I had an UNgodly time…..finding a decent looking pre-Boom Amy Rose (my top choice, at least for my first Amy Rose).  Even the small guys were just Classic Amy.

Got lucky, found a seller on Amazon who had just one (or so they said, anyway…heh, you never know….) of that large Amy.

It’s HEARTBREAKING….I tell ya……(heh)……you find the style of them you want most, and then your read the heading and it’s just the 3.5 inch figurine. 

Anyway……took some work, and most of my petty cash.  But ….at least now I have that much less space in place.  :P  ;)  :)