gettin ready 4 octoberween hell yeah


… Thanks, everyone. Seriously.

You’re awesome.

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I was reading a fanfic where Nepeta had her symbol drawn on her face, and I thought that sounded super cool, so I designed sweet symbol makeup/tattoos/somefin for everyone!

Some of them worked out better than others, but overall I think it was pretty successful. uwu

Edit: The fic was When You Wear a Highblood’s Clothes by tumblr user pinkycry!!


supernatural 10x14: The Executioner’s Song

Dean handing off the First Blade. This was… tense. I may have felt a little bad for Crowley. Look at how his face just falls and that look he gives Dean. Oh man.

LT from GGaR  :)
I didn’t really mean to draw LT, but somewhere along the way it just morphed into her so..  who am I to complain?

Also- she fell asleep while drinking coffee.
My kind of gal~

Also see the full size on dA (and possibly soon- the wallpaper)