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ME ME ME "Kid Again"

(Pff, alright. I’ll be nice and give you a more familiar kid Foot)

Foot blinks up at the human before him, vaguely recognising her before it clicked: It was that human woman, who had found him in the cupboard and cuddled him to sleep. It didn’t take long before he was up and running to her, hugging one of her legs. “Hello. Last time I et you, you never told me your name. What’s that then? I’ve been wondering for a while.” He hums a little, staring up at her.


Haha, so here are some pictures from ozcomiccon Adelaide that I took. As you can see, we had HEAPS of fun, we had a lovely little trash pile forming on Saturday and some amazing dancing from Karkat, Dave and John. Later on Sunday afternoon we found a game for karkat- crabitron.

[X] Terezi/Gamzee
[X] Nepeta/Eridan
[X] Levi
[X] God tier Dave

- I was the hsfandom&heinoustuck dave.

and i don’t know the tumblr’s of anyone else.