Hola mundo

Hello everyone.

First of all we have to say that maybe our English is quite bad, we dont speak English very well due we are Spanish (Fruela and Asturcón are exactly from Spain, Hefestus… well, we dont know where the hell did he come from but he still speaking Spanish)

Now, the explanation of our existance:

     We are a bunch of OC’s made by some crazy boy we would like to kill sometimes (he controls part of our lives and he likes bad jokes too much)

Every one of us came from a different videogame world, but with some changes in it.

Each of us will tell you his life and background, not today because is late and we have to make cupcake-I MEAN!…. DO…. SOME BADASS SHIT… you know…. ¬¬.

-See you soon!

-Shoudnt we give our names at least?

-Yeah, thats not polite.

-Oh, ok, my bad. Well, I´m Hefestus, and I came from Minecraft, I have lots of things to build in my world so, maybe I’ll be the least active of the three.

-My name is Fruela, I’m an Assassin, but i’m not very involved with the Creed, too ocupied messing in WW II

-I’m Asturcón, the others think I’m the leader, but I dont think so, I come from the Death wasteland from…. hmmmm… *mumbling*… ¡Fallout! yeah fallout, but this wasteland is not as happy as D.C. or the Mojave, everyday there was a challenge, you didnt even know if you’ll wake up alive the next morning. I dont like my home, so I’ll always be here.

H: Good bye boys and girls! :D

F: Adios (bye)

A: Nos vemos (See you)