Noel & Lucas’ 3rd date of 2014 AKA our visit to the GREAT MINNESOTA GET-TOGETHER!

Picture #1: Noel patiently waits for his promised funnel cake.

Picture #2: Noel was convinced that this Jurassic Ammonite was Cecil Baldwin. I was too distracted by the Lake Superior agates to notice.

Picture #3 & #4: Couple selfie with our guest, mini donuts.

Picture #5: Sweet Martha’s Cookies, also known as Heaven.

Picture #6: The riches of Heaven.

Picture #7: Noel, after only attending the MN Fair for the first time, displays the appropriate reaction on how to protect the riches of Heaven.

Picture #8: Wooden structure, because why not?


Night Vale date night was a success!

But do we exist?

Noel doesn’t, according to the horoscope reading provided by Cecil (as barely seen in picture #3). Noel, like all Capricorns, are “imaginary”.

Thankfully, my Libra self didn’t have any recurring dreams come true during the show, unless it was the one chastising myself for staying awake for 24 hours straight before the show.

The greatest challenge of all was not dying from the cuteness. Seriously.

My 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend [ heeroyue ] is on Feb 17th. Since it’s super close to Valentine’s Day, we’re lucky enough to have a 3-4 day window when it comes to actually celebrating (depending on when we time off our respective jobs).

This year, we’re celebrating tomorrow (on the 15th) by shopping for half off post-Valentine’s candy. As one does. Because candy. Our priorities are awesome.

*Insert gushy monologue on how much I love my super nerdy bear boyfriend here*

My boyfriend and I have been marathoning The I.T. Crowd most of the night

He agrees that Moss is totally autistic & he enjoys the show as much as I do [it’s rare that we share shows, it’s basically this and Cabin Pressure]

<3 <3 <3

Wing Zero is pretty much complete. Panel lining the other wing and accessories. I’m happy with how this turned out. May change up the poly caps with newer models to improve its mobility.

My hard drive has been dropped off. Here’s hoping for the best. Cross your fingers guys!

Incoming Hashtags:
#GundamWing #WingZero #HeeroYue #90sAnime #Anime #mech #mecha #bandai #gunpla #gunpla #hobby #HG #modelbuild #mobilesuit

Hey boyfriend

I saw you liked the gifset of the hot guy working out with kitties

Feel absolutely free to do so with Bitty and Small Fry

Preferably in front of me

Ok bye

(Love… the Airport!)

2 more days until Noel and I go to the Night Vale performance

Also thinking of going for a tattoo consultation earlier in the day - I was thinking of getting a tattoo on my wrist, but it might be more convenient on my ankle

Just gotta get through 2 more shifts until my weekend starts ^_^

Hey boyfriend

I see that you liked my post

Just wanna say that you were cute in the performance video

Though I get to snuggle with that cuteness that is you on Weds ok mwahahahaha