So, my friend requested I draw his girlfriend and gave me a reference photo of her trying on a bikini. I aimed to do as much justice as I could using the recent coloring techniques I learned from the challenge. My friend was satisfied with it and I am glad he does think it came out solid.

I decided to not add the facial features because I felt that they might throw off the style of the picture if I did attempt it. Considering I do not draw realistic eyes, I believe it might’ve made the drawing a disaster.

Btw, his gf does know I drew this picture. My friend was sending her in progress vids.

Speaking of the art challenge, I got a LONG ass penalty to make up for before I can go onto the new theme. Sorry guys, haha


Images from the Second Week of the Brooklyn Int’l Performance Art Festival

A view of a performance by Heeran Lee and Miao Jiaxin on Friday, July 12, 2013, at Grace Exhibition…

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