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You're writing has such an influence on me that last night I had a dream that I was Grace at Easter time and someone lay out eggs for her and Harry and she was swapping all the good ones Harry had for her not so good ones but then Harry walked in and caught her and she just thought it was the funniest thing ever, I woke up laughing at myself hahah 😂 also this made me so excited for baby styles' first Easter, it's going to have the cutest little outfit

omg he’d be all, “heeeeeey! You can’t steal all my Cadbury’s! That’s not fair!”

Baby’s first Easter is going to be so cute!! Well, maybe his second! He’s only gonna be a few months old for his first! Probably won’t know what going on! Just that Mum’s taking way too many pictures of him and Dad in bunny ears! Snickerdoodle will be v confused!

//Heeeeeey all quq

Wow I have not been active in a while, and I just wanted to post an update!

Yeeeah I still think about this blog, and I am not going to leave it any time soon!  The account is linked up to my phone and tells me when I get updates, but I have not seen many/any in a while, which is why I have not bothered to get on my computer and actively reblog stuff.  If I owe you something, or you want to start something new, feel free to poke me, all right? ovo

Also, I am gonna go ahead and say that I will not all of a sudden become 100% active on here.  I love it, but I gotta help out with my mom and sister at home, plus I have a convention in 10 days, so I have to prep a lot for that.  Also I am always working on some personal art

And modernizedfireking, I do have a replies for both your main blog, and your Gyokuen blog. ;u; I tried sending you a link, but idt you ever got it?  So I am just addressing you on here.  

Message me if you want to discuss anything!

Yesterday my friend called me and when i answered the phone she was all “heeeeeey….. How do you feel about reptiles?”