Garruk Wildspeaker is not the man he once was. Cursed by Liliana Vess and the sinister power of the Chain Veil, he turned his savage instincts toward hunting the most dangerous prey of all: other Planeswalkers. Left unchecked, he would have slaughtered his way through the multitude of planes.

But—SPOILERS—following the events of Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers, Garruk’s situation has changed. Implanted with a hedron from Zendikar, he finds that the curse’s hold over him has lessened, although certainly not lifted. Now he faces a question that could determine his fate: Is Garruk Wildspeaker a monster?

And he is not the only one who wants to know…

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The Hedrons - Couldn’t Leave Her Alone


Sarkhan’s Spear-staff

Sarkhan’s staff is complete… except for the hedron chunk. I have yet to put something in it to make it light up, so I’m leaving it open at the bottom.

Anyway, here it is - Sarkhan’s staff! Or spear! Or whatever you want to call it! I can see Sarkhan using the spearhead at the other end of the staff to pierce opponents. Assuming the hedron is super-hard and would not be easily destroyed, Sarkhan won’t have any problem using the larger blade to slice stuff.

I first covered the base with layers of white glue, then with white gesso, then with black acrylic, then put silver acrylic on some parts of the blade like the edges. There are three parts on the shaft where brown leather was used. I taped the edges of those areas with black electrical tape which blended perfectly. I noticed on Sarkhan’s picture shown back at SDCC that on the part of the staff he’s holding, there’s a red part underneath the leather. Maybe cloth for a more comfortable grip? I dunno, but I used red cloth for it. The hedron was painted in the same way.

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Mellow Monday #169 | badbadnotgood - “Hedron”

  • Artist: Sam Burley
  • Card Name: Perilous Vault
  • Card Number: no 224
  • Card Text: [5],[Tap], Exile Perilous Vault: Exile all nonland permanents.
  • Community Rating: 4 to 4.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 4
  • Expansion: Magic 2015 Core Set
  • Flavor Text: The spirit dragon Ugin arranged the hedrons of Zendikar to direct leylines of energy. To disrupt one is to unleash devastation and chaos.
  • Mana Cost: [4]
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Types: Artifact

sadlazav said:

I'm really excited for Geralf the stitcher any thoughts on how to make a deck keeping up the zombie theme? It'd help a lot

When I saw this, I was so pleased-creating cards that are characters makes the writer in me extremely happy, and I had only heard of Geralf through cards.

As for keeping with the theme, keep all the blue zombies! A good number of zombies from the Innistrad block fit so well in a theme deck with Geralf. Some require the additional cost of exiling creature cards from your graveyard, adding more delicious flavor to this.

I would try to create cheap or casual blue zombie beatdown, and would recommend at very least these cards:

  • Armored Skaab
  • Cellar Door
  • Geralf’s Mindcrusher
  • Havengul Runebinder
  • Headless Skaab
  • Makeshift Mauler
  • Relentless Skaabs
  • Rotcrown Ghoul
  • Skaab Goliath
  • Skaab Ruinator 
  • Undead Alchemist
  • Rooftop Storm

Some good mill/cards that benefit from mill would be great also:

  • Hedron Crab
  • Traumatize 
  • Archive Trap
  • Jace’s Phantasm
  • Dreadwaters
  • Memory Erosion

Keep in mind though-your big zambies (not to be confused with zombies) will need a way to connect-flying and unblockable come to mind.

Hope this helps!


Starting making this...

Kurkesh EDH

Kurkesh, Onnake Ancient

Sol Ring
Mana Vault
Mana Crypt
Dreamstone Hedron
Gemstone Array
Gilded Lotus
Basalt Monolith
Grim Monolith
Thran Dynamo

Lodestone Bauble
Wayfarer’s Bauble
Candles of Leng
Druidic Satchel
Voltaic Key
Unwinding Clock
Clock of Omens
Hammer of Purphoros
Golem Foundry
Titan Forge
Conversion Chamber
Journeyer’s Kite
Keening Stone
Lux Canon
Mimic Vat
Mishra’s Helix
Phyrexian Furnace
Scrabbling Hands
Relic of Progenitus
Avarice Totem
Phyrexian Processer
Planar Portal
Ring of Three Wiser
Power Conduit
Salvaging Station
Oblivion Stone
Muse Vessel
Citanul Flute
Planar Portal
Temporal Aperture
Darksteel Forge
Trading Post
Mycosynth Lattice

Goblin Welder
Arcbound Relcaimer
Junk Diver
Kuldotha Forgemaster
Burnish Hart
Karn Silver Golem
Golem Artisan
Mindless Automaton
Steel Hellkite


Card haul.

  1. MINDCRANK MINDCRANK. And a Burnished Hart, because in EDH it’s an excellent substitute for Explosive Vegetation.
  2. Foil Damnation I got for £30. Still really chuffed about that. Perfect condition too.
  3. Nirkana Revenant. After finally looking at the art close up, it’s borderline softcore pornography. Dem hedrons.
  4. The guy I bought the Revenant from on Ebay threw in a few freebies as well. Ain’t complaining, seeing as I got the card for less than it’s market price.
  5. Stuff for mono green devotion. I like to have proper tokens and Nylea’s just a boss. If only the tokens were foils.

Hedron. An inter-dimensional being who first made contact with the @TeslaCake Explorers during our expedition on the Moon.