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Started with the Altmer first. From top to bottom: Gladroon, Anaril, Heceri, and Telindil (all related except for that last one). Ironically, they were/are all associated in some way with the College of Winterhold. : / Funny how that worked out…))

OOC: Now that my final class is over, I have a week before the actual graduation ceremony (and moving). So aside from packing and a few replies, I’ve got nothing to do…..so I decided to art. I wanted to do another side headcanon for Heceri’s magic use, just to plan it out, and I needed a pose that wasn’t so ‘closed’, and displayed a bit more of his design. So far, the sketching is all but complete, and I hope to finish the lines, colors, and magic effects by the end of the day.

OOC: My second to last day of class is over, and I can do nothing more on my project. Time to divert some of this stress energy into designing characters that will sadly most likely never actually appear in this blog’s roleplay. This is a rough design for Heceri, the father of Tarene, Gladroon, Anaril, etc. He’s assumed dead, but he’s really in hiding. He took a sword to the face a few times, lost most of his hair in the fire, and lay bleeding in a ditch for two days, but he’s alive.

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♂ Are you proud of Tarene?

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At first, the mer didn’t respond, golden eyes scanning the asker from the shadows of his hooded cowl. Who was this person who knew his son, or even knew that the bounty hunter and the unapproachable mage had any connection whatsoever? Heceri hadn’t seen his son in years, and to his knowledge, his youngest boy was long dead….but the question itself sounded innocent enough, and after a few moments, Heceri’s defensive posture relaxed.

“I have no reason not to be.” The mage replied at length. “Though I had hoped he would have chosen the arcane path, as his siblings did. His skill for Restoration was clear to everyone but him, it seemed…” Heceri shook his head. “But, Divines know why, he had little interest in the magical arts. His sights were always set far beyond the walls of the College.”

“I was, regrettably, not so accepting of his chosen path.” Heceri’s hidden smile faded away, and he suddenly found his empty tankard incredibly interesting. “We fought often over his preference for the bow, and his lacking interest in his studies. My last words to him were a condemnation of his interests, and he stormed out the door.” The Altmer’s voice quieted significantly, as though thinking out loud; as if he’d clean forgotten the asker was still sitting beside him.

“That was the last I saw Tarene. Disaster befell our family that very night, and the Divines nearly claimed us all.” Heceri drifted into silence for a moment, and then he looked up, eyes turning to the stranger as he remembered that he was not alone. “Had I know those would be our final words, I would not have spoken in rage.”

Headcanon 6: Carry on the Family Name (or not...)

Tarene’s family name (surname) is “Highlock”, however, he no longer uses it, in an attempt to avoid the attention of his father’s Thalmor enemies. Instead, he introduces himself as “of Towerlight”, because Towerlight Castle is a notable fixture of the Winterhold landscape, and yet it has no notable connection to the Highlock family.

Tarene’s brother Gladroon similarly dropped the use of their family name after discovering the deaths of their family in Cyrodiil. Anaril stopped using it after he was first turned, as he didn’t want consequences of his vampirism to turn back upon his family.

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[Tarene's Parents] Tell the story of how you met.

“Well, it’s a funny story…” Heceri began with a grin, and Irinde rolled her eyes in preparation for another of her husband’s unnecessarily detailed retellings. “We were both studying at the College at the time, and I had been helping Master Barnard - Gods rest his soul, but he’s long gone now - with his research on necromantic enchantments. He wanted to figure out how the Nordic Draugr survived in undeath for so long without a living necromancer to maintain them. It wasn’t exactly illegal work, I’ll admit, but so long as no-one was hurt by the research, Archmage Koreth never objected-” Irinde nudged her husband in the ribs, and rather sharply at that.

“Ceri, that’s a little more backstory than the greymage needs.” She whispered. Heceri rubbed his now sore ribcage, but nodded.

“Right, right, sorry….anyway, Barnard had requested that I actually go inside one of the crypts he was researching and bring him one of these Draugr…hmm, ‘alive’ isn’t quite the right world, but he wanted one still ‘active’. Of course, I was terrified.” The Altmer admitted freely. “I was proficient in Destruction magic at the time, but I’d never had much cause to use it against anything but trolls and bears - not against the undead!”

“So he asked me if I would accompany him.” Irinde spoke up, taking over the storytelling to speed things along. “It was no secret that I was raised by Nords, after all, and I was far better with a sword than he was. Still am, to.” She added, pretending not to notice her mate’s indignant look. “We got inside without trouble, but I was a bit too-”

“Fervent. Ardent. Zealous.” Heceri supplied.

“Enthusiastic.” Irinde nudged her husband again, earning a gasp. “The Draugr we met kept falling too quickly, and we had to go further and further into the crypt trying to find one that could stand up to at least one of my swings.”

“We ended up going a bit too far,” Heceri cut in. “And we - I!” He quickly supplied as Irinde readied another nudge. “I….accidentally triggered a defense mechanism that trapped us inside.”

“We had no choice but to keep going, and try to find the secondary exit, if there was one.” Irinde continued. “Ended up fighting the rest of the crypt, and some sort of priest near the end. That one was stronger than the other Draugr, and he nearly had me. Until-”

“I saved her life.” Heceri piped up cheerily. Irinde made a face, but didn’t jab his ribs again. As much as she would disagree, he spoke the truth, after all. “Shock magic from behind. Reduced that bonewalker to a pile of ash.” He grinned proudly. “He had this fascinating mask that survived unscathed, though. I thought Barnard might be interested in it, so I took it back with us. He wasn’t, and told me to keep it - he was much more fascinated with the Draugr.”

“We did eventually get that Draugr.” Irinde added. “We found one of the one from the final chamber still clinging to ‘unlife’, so we tied it up and dragged it back to the College. Barnard took it straight down to the Midden, and we didn’t see him again for two months.” She recalled.

“I guess you could say that adventure was a bonding experience.” Heceri chuckled. “Before we’d left, Irinde and I had been nothing but classmates, but after…well, I think you can guess the history from there.”

Side Headcanon: In the Hands of a Master

- - - - - - -


  • Candlelight
  • Magelight
  • Ebonyflesh
  • Telekinesis
  • Transmute
  • Paralyze
  • Equilibrium


  • Conjure Familiar
  • Conjure Flame Atronach
  • Flaming Familiar
  • Expel Daedra
  • Conjure Storm Atronach
  • Conjure Frost Atronach


  • Flame Cloak
  • Frost Cloak
  • Lightning Cloak
  • Wall of Flames
  • Wall of Frost
  • Wall of Lightning


  • Harmony
  • Hysteria
  • Mayhem
  • Invisibility


  • Grand Healing
  • Bane of the Undead
  • Guardian Circle

= = = = = = =

OOC: Heceri doesn’t favor any one school too heavily over another, but his dislike of the undead and Daedra shows through in his choice of Conjuration and Restoration spells. He's the most powerful mage out of the family, and his list of spells is pretty long…he’s had about 200 years to study and practice, after all. However, he’s utterly useless in a fight once he runs out of magicka, and will run away and hide the moment he does.

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For both characters: what are some of their long-term goals (if any)?

When he was younger, Tarene had a future goal of earning his father’s acceptance without having to become a mage. The two were always at odds after Tarene gave up on the arcane path, and Heceri never really approved of his son’s decision to pick up archery. He probably wouldn’t approve of his youngest son being a sellsword, either, if he knew. Tarene doesn’t talk about his father often, as the man is supposedly dead, and Tarene doesn’t want to admit (even to himself) that he’s failed his goal. You can’t exactly make up with a dead man. 

Heceri isn’t actually dead, but Tarene doesn’t know that. Shh.

As for Azaron….up until recently, his long-term goal was to kill the members of the bandit gang responsible for the deaths of his parents’ caravan and his adoptive mother’s son. However, once he achieved this goal, he came to the realization that he had never planned for the future beyond that point. He’s quite lost, now, and has no other long-term goal in mind…you could say his new goal is to track down Ja'Tora (his real father), but Azaron himself just considers this a distraction; another hunt to keep his mind off of the fact that (he feels) he wasted 2/3rds of his life on revenge.