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You guys don’t have to do it, but I keep up with all of you the most so.


Name – Mischa
Birthday – April 10
Favourite number(s) – 5
Height – 5’2”
Talents – I can read tarot. I speak 3 languages and can read/write 5.
Can you juggle? - Not in the least!! It doesn’t end pretty. 
Art/Sports/Both – Both.  Sewing/crafting and gymnastics, trampolining, rugby.
Do you like writing? – Yes and no.  I don’t think I’m very good at it, but sometimes the mood just takes me.
Do you like dancing? – Oh yes.  But only when white gurl wasted of course.



Do you like singing? – No omg I sound like a dying cat. I’m sorry to everyone.


Dream vacation – Korea and Japan.  Specifically Jeju Island and Hokkaido omg pleaaaaaaaaase.  But I would also eagerly accept Rome again. Tbh I’ve just got a list.  Dream vacation = hitting everything on said list
Dream person – I agree with Cat!  Tabi! but you know I’ll totally be just as happy with someone I’m comfortable with and who makes me laugh.  Tight bum is a must tho because butts.
Dream wedding – I don’t have one.  I have 0 plans on getting married.  Maybe it’ll change one day, but I don’t see it happening.  All I know is if it does happen, the preference is a traditional catholic church.  If only to not disappoint my grandfather.
Dream pet – If I could have my babies forever I would.  Them or a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Dream job – Freelance translator/professional traveler. omgp lease 


Favorite song – Based on what’s alwaysstuck in my head. Sweet Things - The Pretty Reckless. 
Favorite Album – It’s between Going to Hell - The Pretty Reckless and Good Luck - BEAST because every song is KOALA-TEA.
Last song you’ve heard on the radio – I don’t really listen to the radio…maybe um avicii??
Least favorite song – I just change the song/station if I don’t like the sound.  There’s not a specific one.
Least favorite album – If i dont like something I don’t pay any attention to it, I try to ignore it as much as possible. (Totes stealing Cat’s answer) 
Least favorite artist – Taylor Swift or Iggy.  I alwayschange the station. 


Person – I don’t really like people tbh I guess just people I can be comfortable with? 
Hair color – Dark.
Eye color – Light eyes. 
Humorous/serious? - Both.  Humorous but knows when to be serious. 
Taller/Shorter – Taller, always taller.
Biggest turn off – Closed minds, immaturity at inappropriate times
Biggest turn on – nice bums (the buuuuuums), a great voice, the ability to read the situation and give me what I need.