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The first thing she noticed was the bright white hair that almost reminded her of the coming winter months.


With green-orbs staring with interest, Sakura had wondered if this short-stature male was a foreigner in these parts. Despite being in Karakura Town for but a few months, the pinkette wasn’t exactly used to the new people and surrounding around her so having to see this stick out was certainly surprising. Tilting her head, she questioned if she should approach him. The way he dressed and carried himself seemed questionable but still… “Eto… are you lost, sir?”

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// At first I was utterly confused, but you know what… I ship everything! I ship all other verses with my verse. SHIPPING IT ALL!

I know me too! Personally, I just never was a hard-core shipper with Sakura with anyone in Naruto, like NaruSaku or SasuSaku and even the same with Hinata (NaruHina, KibaHina) but for some reason, I get attracted to the weird idea of crossover ships and some fanfiction/fanart I saw have really convinced me.

—I’m a sucker of pairing up the Naruto Girls with Bleach Men—

But yes, like you, I ship it all but I lean more to crossover-shipping than anything kjdfhlkjasdhlks


Onwards to sailing with you on HitsuHinata ship! <3

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For Halloween, we’d
[x] have matching outfits
[x] trick or treat together
[ ] not be near each other
[] other: 

I’m having a Halloween party! You’re:
[ ] invited!
[ ] not invited.
[x] the guest of honour
[ ] helping set up.
[ ] other:

Our costumes for Halloween are:
[x] sexy
[x] funny
[ ] matching
[ ] idk…
[ ] other:

Sexy Time! I wanna:
[ ] kiss you
[x] hug you
[x] cuddle you
[ ] fuck you
[ ] be away from you
[ ] other: