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I think it’s time for me to post Selena’s street style pt 2.

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Dude I would literally chop off a finger to be able to hear stairway to heaven for the first time again

Don’t do that! 

Here’s what to do instead.. Check out this performance of “Stairway to Heaven from April 1, 1971, 7 months before the release of Led Zeppelin IV in November. It was officially released on Zeppelin’s The BBC Sessions in 1997, which I HIGHLY recommend for fans of early Zep.

Zeppelin had only played “Stairway to Heaven” a dozen or so times in public by that point (starting March 5, 1971 in Belfast), and you can hear the crowd’s response for yourself. Very polite. Like they were at a tennis match or something. I think they had no idea what they were hearing.

And indeed, Jimmy has observed that audiences didn’t really start going wild for “Stairway” until the 1973 tours.

Ready to have your mind truly blown? That public debut of “Stairway” in Belfast? Somebody recorded it! 

The quality is very bootleg-y, even by 1971 standards, but duuuuude. This is HISTORY. I can’t believe how lucky we are that somebody recorded this. Audio-only, but the clip contains some nice photos from that show.

 For what it’s worth, Zeppelin nailed the performance. You’ll definitely be able to hear it, even across the mists of time.

The Irish were a little less reserved in their response than the English were (OF COURSE), but there’s still a gap between the end of the song and when the still rather polite applause started. It’s kind of eerie. 

But if I can save one of your fingers, Dear Anon, by all means: take a listen to the first time Led Zeppelin played “Stairway to Heaven” in public: March 5, 1971, in Belfast.

Sherlock doesn’t sing in the shower, he hums. 

Classical tunes most of the time, or one of his own compositions. John heard him once when Sherlock thought he was out - Sarah called and told him to stay home because it was too quiet - and he stayed in the kitchen just to listen that deep baritone soothe him the same way the violin managed to do.

Sherlock shocked face when he came out of the shower and saw his flatmate, was one John would treasure for weeks to come. 

This outfit is so cute!! ♡


Porcelain skin with charming blue eyes, you’re just a pretty boy … “Pretty Boy/ Edurne”