So, I recently got back home from the Empire! Empire! show that I booked, the second time I’ve done a show for them here in Pittsburgh. This time around it was at my friend’s house, and it went SO WELL. It was really hot in the basement where the bands played but I still had a ton of fun. They even played Year Of The Rabbit which is my favorite song by them! I hung out with Keith and Cathy and the rest of the crew, along with the members of Heats Of Formation, who also tore it up. All the bands were wonderful and it felt good to put on such a rad show.

I also bought a couple things from Keith’s roving CYLS distro and from Heats Of Formation’s little distro…

  • Hop Along - Get Disowned on vinyl
  • Merchant Ships - For Cameron on cassette
  • TWIABP - Formlessness on cassette
  • Spirit Night - One Man Houses on cassette

Dan Katz also gave me a copy of HoF’s newest 7”, Indoctrinates Blank, for free! Cause he’s such a nice guy! 


two new songs, sweaty and out-of-tune in the district of columbia.

this show was also with priests (one of my favorite bands i saw on tour!) and dead uncles (one of my favorite bands!)

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my oldest band changed its name and recorded new shit

so, if you haven’t heard (and give a shit at all) BOOK SLAVE, a band that my brother joe and i started in our freshman year of high school, changed its name to HEATS OF FORMATION. is that a good “career” move? probably not, but i don’t really give a shit. it’s something that we’ve been talking about doing for a long time and it’s something that we’re both excited about.

we have a set of new songs that are going to come out on a 7” record (hopefully) in time for a two-week tour of the southern and midwestern united states. more about that later! if you’re interested in hearing the a-side of that 7” go here:


we recorded these songs live in one take and without stopping in our basement. i mixed it earlier this afternoon and it wasn’t until about two hours ago that i realized that i am really happy with the way it came out.

fuck it, stay punk.

willimantic rules in 2013 (april/may edition)

there are definitely more shows than this, sorry in advance for missing them!

4/16 - heats of formation, the reptillian, weak teeth @ handsome woman

4/20 - the world is…, one hundred year ocean, posture and the grizzly @ willimantic records

4/21 - secret parts, tiny teeth, jacket thor @ willi rex

4/23 - colleen green, one hundred year ocean, ovlov @ handsome woman

4/27 - goo goo dolls @ eastern connecticut state university

4/28 - foxmoulder, manque, swift moving @ handsome woman

5/04 - swift moving, tideland (ex-pg 99), the cloth @ willimantic records

5/20 - no sir i wont, snotrocket @ shitty present hq

5/28 - animal lover, one hundred year ocean, heats of formation, for everest @ willimantic records


heats of formation - a new new england

live from the record lounge in east lansing, mi. one of the weirder shows of tour, for sure. 


totally decent video of the first three songs of yesterday’s Heats of Formation set followed by the first song of One Hundred Year Ocean’s set, which is brand new and shit. live at willimantic records 4/29.

i am doing a show for INFINITE VOID from melbourne, australia on august 8th at willimantic records in willimantic, ct. you should come! 

(Willimantic - broken gear dissonance, formerly Book Slave)

(Melbourne, Australia - dark and affected post-punk/garage, ex- Diamond Sea)

(New Haven - weird pop, real good)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Wednesday, August 8th
Willimantic Records
744 Main Street (Entrance in back)
Willimantic, CT

6pm | $5 suggested donation