heathers the movie and heathers the musical both are super great but if uve never seen it before and dont know the plot, its v important to know that the musical and movie includes a ton of triggering content such as:
-eating disorders
-date rape
-probably a bunch more things (i havent rewatched it for a while)

be careful w heathers bc while its v good, it also could be extremely triggering for a lot of individuals


Halloween Series #1: Veronica Sawyer Heathers (1988) 

Cult 80’s favorite Heather’s Veronica Sawyer played by Winona Ryder is a intense and original character you have to see to really believe. Honestly, you have to watch this movie (Netflix has it go forth and watch) it’s just…yeah. Anyway Winona rocks the red lip through out the movie along with her signature blue color scheme, the look is easy to put together and pull off! 

Make up: 

  1. foundation- do as you usually do but skip any bronzer 
  2. blush- I went for a more “spice” type blusher than pink or peachy 
  3. brow-nice dark brow is called for so grab your pencil and start to fill 
  4. eyes- two ways to go about this 1) the movie has her in just light brown eyeshadow with black liner and mascara 2) each character has a color scheme veronicas being blue so I did the light brown with a dark blue shadow just on the lower part of my lid. very 80’s. then lined with black and mascara. 
  5. red lip 


Veronica’s costume is easy: black, hints of blue, and layers. Hit up your local Goodwill or thrift store or clearance racks. I have a black dress that looks similar to the one on the left. If I add some navy tights, blue socks, and my dark oxfords, I would basically have this down! 

Don’t forget the giveaway bit :) Reblog each post for a chance to win (mbf) >pick your fav look and get some items to achieve that look! 

Beautiful- Heathers Lyrics: Veronica (audition cut)

We were so tiny, happy and shiny,
playing tag and getting chased.

Singing and clapping,
laughing and napping,
baking cookies, eating paste.

Then we got bigger.
That was the trigger,
Like the Huns invading Rome -

Welcome to my school,
This ain’t no high school:
This is the Thunderdome.
Hold your breath
and count the days,
we’re graduating soon.

College will be paradise
If I’m not dead by June!
But I know, I know, life can be beautiful.
I pray, I pray for a better way.
If we changed back then,
we could change again.
We can be beautiful…

Just not today.
[Spoken] Hey, are you okay?

Things will get better
soon as my letter
comes from Harvard, Duke, or Brown.
Wake from this coma,
take my diploma,
then I can blow this town.
Dream of my ivy-covered walls
and smoky French cafes…

Fight the urge to strike a match
and send this dump ablaze!

But I know, I know, I know…
Life can be beautiful.
I pray, I pray, I pray
For a better way.
We were kind before;
we can be kind once more.
We can be beautiful…

(Variously.) And ya know,
ya know, ya know
life can be beautiful.
You hope, you dream, you pray,
and you get your way!
Ask me how it feels
looking like hell on wheels…
My God, it’s beautiful!
And when you’re beautiful…
It’s a beautiful frickin’ day!