got lonely so I grabbed some mismatched beers from my fridge, ordered a pizza, stopped by wendy’s for a big ass wildberry tea and went to my best frann’s house. Lily napped & we talked non-stop and ate the whole large pizza and drank the beers. Heather put on Big Daddy but we never even looked over at it, just caught up on each others lives and bullshitted. Lily became my favorite little person in the world “c’mon aja c’mon”. I read her a story and built a dora house with her, in which she decided she could fit&live in. Her sassy stance in the little house made my whole life, I about died laughing. We played in her room and then she used her magical “i’m a cute kid, do as I say” stare and persuaded me to enter her closet, she then shut the door and it was dark, she said “monskers” I got outta that closet as fast as humanly possible. no dark closets for me. no thanks. She watched a “jungle book” video on YT and liked the butt scratching part….where you rub your butt on a wall or whatever. She made her auntie do it, then asked her momma, her dad and then me. All of us were rubbing our bums on various surfaces of their house, simultaneously. I rode along as Heather got her brakes fixed and that was a fun time. We went to the mall for cheapie hoodies but didin’t find any :( She took me to the carnival to get an elephant ear because she is the best ever and she was almost kidnapped by a carnie. “uhhh just come hang out” ewwwwwieeee. We blared the radio on the way to the liquor store (had to have wine to go with my giant elephant ear because I’m from Westland and I am classy), we sang and danced (fyi-harder than it looks, try balancing a cherry covered elephant ear with cinnamon sugar blowing around & having the resist pausing my awesome dance moves to take bites because I am a fat ass who could not wait until we got home) I love getting drunk with her. fav ever. peoples came over, it was fun. The rest of the night was filled with heather, chrissy, alex & I drinking more, telling ghost &psychic stories, serious talks, lesbian moment stories, and long rants about people. There was also a 3am taco bell run.  Our night finally ended around 4 with heather and I bum-touching while we slept. I got up at 8, walked outside….the table on the patio was covered in beer cans, beer bottles, an empty wine bottle, empty vodka, and heather’s purse. all left outside all night. It was a sign of an epic night, for sure. 

yay, i’m tumblin’ again!