Whipped up Pre lunch cause I was starving! Dieting is fun. I am back to the 4 hour body slow carb plan.

I can survive this for three reasons:

1. no calorie counting (I still use MyFitnessPal)

2. One day free for all a week, FUN.

3. The results are awesome. (Red wine ok)

I am at my lowest weight in two years as of yesterday. YAY.

The hard part last time was. Breakfast. I started doing protein shakes in the Morning a while ago. I do it with my greens and it totally jump starts my day.

I added Thermofit (It Works) 2 in morning, 2 in afternoon. Haven’t noticed any side effects except the good ones promised, just put in an order for two more bottles.

I use Fat Blockers on my “Day Off” to help keep the insane eating from doing too much harm.

Actual lunch is a tri tip salad with black beans and some of this guacamole.