Just a quick column catching up with one of our faves Jeremy Whitley princelesscomic and the newest project he’s working on. Together with artist Heather Nunnlley imaginetheending, they have created an unique new comic focused on one Gianna Delrey, a young undocumented worker living in an America city in the not too distant future. It’s a place where she lives as a second class citizen—something akin to a crime. Illegal looks to be a sci-fi treat with a very important theme behind it. 


Feel free to read the write up in its entirety and be sure to take a look at their new kickstarter campaign—they’ve made a great start but still need pledges! Let’s help make this awesome comic a reality! 



A new project
Written by Jeremy Whitley (princelesscomic.tumblr.com)
Illustrated by Heather Nunnelly (imaginetheending.tumblr.com)

"In the future, the government will track your every move with a microchip implanted beneath your skin…and you’ll do anything to get one."

Illegal follows the story if Gianna Delrey, an undocumented immigrant living in the shadows of an enormous city. All citizens received a microchip that tracks their movements and stores the history of their lives. Anybody without a chip is an illegal. They can’t be tracked, but if they’re caught, they wind up in the deport camps - where the wait to be deported has become so long that most people die just trying to survive.

Gianna has done her best to stay invisible, but things are about to change and Gianna will have to choose whether to fight or to keep running.


Volume 1 of the web comic VACANT is currently available at the online store.


VACANT is a science fiction web comic following Commander Hayze, an agent of “The Eye” a powerful alien government/ corporate agency. Sent on a seemingly simple rescue mission, Hayze stumbles upon a possible explanation for the near extermination of the human race that had taken place over 100 years prior.

His only lead is a virus and, along with his crew, Hayze tries to find the cure.

It has the first 6 issues of the series including bonus material that would otherwise not be unattainable through the internet. This will include guest art, exclusive comic book pages, and a “How I did it” section at the back of the book. Vacant took six years to fully design and write. Photos will be included along with the answers to questions readers may have about the making of characters, environments, or script.

To read the series online go to http://imaginetheending.net/Vacant/

Adding Diversity To The Future of Sci-Fi - An Interview With The Creators of Illegal

Adding Diversity To The Future of Sci-Fi - An Interview With The Creators of Illegal - @jrome58 @ImagineTEnding

Last week we brought you information on Jeremy Whitley’s (Princeless) new kickstarter project Illegal. I had a chance to talk to Jeremy and series artist Heather Nunnelly (Vacant) about the project and why they took it to Kickstarter.

DUSTIN: To start off can you tell us a little about Illegal and how the idea came to be?

JEREMY WHITLEY: Illegalis inspired by a history of loving science fiction…

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Illegal in the Crowdfunding Spotlight, discussing the Escher Girls/Randy Queen incident

We’ve got some new content over at TheGeeksverse.com!

  • Crowdfunding Spotlight | Illegal: Learn all about Illegal, the new 15-issue comic series from Jeremy Whitley (Princeless, My Little Pony: Friends Forever) and Heather Nunnelly (Vacant) that’s looking to fund the creation of its first five issues on Kickstarter.
  • Leaving Proof 235 | On the heels of controversy: Escher Girls, Randy Queen, and Shoes: We discuss the issues surrounding last week’s showdown between artist Randy Queen and the Escher Girls blog, talk about high-heeled shoes in female comics character design and in real life, drop an informal review of Merrell’s Ascend Glove running shoe, get hyped about Knights of Sidonia, and share a video of UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett playing a game of Magic: The Gathering.

So here’s an embarrassing video of me talking about myself and Illegal. It’s embarrassing because I am in it.

No, but seriously, if you are unfamiliar with me or my work, I go over who I am and what I’ve done. I also talk about Illegal, it’s stretch goals, and our plans with it. Also there is a lot of thank yous.

For this Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/787527503/illegal-by-jeremy-whitley-and-heather-nunnelly

In the future, every move you make will be tracked by a microchip under your skin. And you’ll do anything to get one.

The Illegal Kickstarter is live!  Come check out and back the brand new project from Princeless writer Jeremy Whitley and illustrator Heather Nunnelly ( imaginetheending ).  There are great rewards and a brand new five page preview!

Please, reblog, repostm and share this kickstarter!  It’s Jeremy’s first and he’s seriously wigging out about it!

Creator Spotlights: Benton, Lee, Nunnelly, Simple & Heckroth

Some creators who’ll be appearing at Philadelphia’s Locust Moon Comics Festival on October 25…

Gregory Benton

Gregory Benton has been making comics since 1993. In April of 2013, his book B+F was awarded the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art’s inaugural Award of Excellence at MoCCAFest. An expanded version of B+F was published in the autumn of 2013 through Adhouse Books (USA) and Editions çà et là (France). In 2014, B+F was selected for The Society of Illustrators Comics and Cartoon Art Annual.

Website: gregorybenton.com
Tumblr: gregorybenton
Twitter: @gregory_benton

Haan Lee

Haan likes stories about the barely surreal, the vaguely weird, and the quietly absurd. He likes stories where small picture people wander big picture worlds. He likes stories that have roots in science, science fiction, and speculation.
Haan strives to create what he likes.
Haan lives in Brooklyn with his superior half and their vastly inferior cat.

Website: haanlee.com
Tumblr: leezusconleche
Twitter: @LeezusConLeche

Heather Nunnelly

Heather Nunnelly was born and raised in Texas. Once she reached the age of 18, she moved to Manhattan, New York, where she attended School of Visual Arts majoring in cartooning (Sequential Arts). She started drawing comics in junior year of high school, but didn’t start professionally until she graduated college in 2012. Her first comic was called Before I Sleep. She started it in 2007 and was later published up as a web comic. She is now working on a new science fiction comic called Vacant and a comic named Illegal written by Jeremy Whitley. For her day job she is a freelance illustrator/comic book artist.

Website: imaginetheending.net
Twitter: @ImagineTEnding

Holly Simple

Holly Simple is a Brooklyn based artist who makes beautifully insane and insanely beautiful collages and zines. Buzzfeed once did a piece on her. You can follow her on twitter @holly_simple and see her work on her tumblr (roygbivisdead.tumblr.com).

Website: roygbivisdead.tumblr.com
Twitter: @holly_simple

Hunter Heckroth

Hunter Heckroth is an illustrator/painter/designer/comicguy/big-fan-of-beer also currently living and working out of Brooklyn, NY, along with all those other dang kids. His work is most notable for being excessively busy and really just super great to read.

Website: hunter.carbonmade.com
Twitter: @catfishradiator

Philadelphia, PA / October 25, 2014
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