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Hi! I'm looking for some shoes for Heather Chandler's musical costume, have you come across anything good? Thanks!

Heather wears red, white, and black oxford heels. I’ve had a hard time finding the perfect pair, but here are some that remind me of them:

ModCloth / 6pm / ModCloth / Etsy / Etsy

Also: an expensive but super authentic option: Go on the Shoes of Prey website, click “Design Your Own Shoes”, then “Heeled Oxfords”. You can get Heather’s shoes almost exactly by designing them like this:

$219 is pretty steep, but if you’re crazy about these shoes, go for it!

It’s getting posted a little early tonight, but it’s time for another Late Night Poll! || This is a way for us to connect with you all and to get to know you better, so if you have an answer, please share it with us! We don’t judge your answers, we just like to see all your opinions and how you answer it! Hope that makes sense! || Anyways, my answer would be Heather Chandler because the blazer and miniskirt compliment each other so nicely and she also gets to rock some thigh high socks! 😍❤️ || #latenightpoll || #heathersmusical || 💚

So here are some ideas I have for Very Veronica, and I figure I might as well tease you all
  • There are a lot of fourth wall jokes, because the characters know they’re on camera for the most part. Veronica and JD are the ones who do it the most often though.
  • There will be a lot of editing so people don’t have to be at the same place at the same time, like Veronica will edit in interviews w/ Heather Duke pretending to be sad about Heather Chandler’s death to be like “look at this. this is the shit I have to put up w/”
  • The second to last episode will be filmed entirely on Veronica’s phone.
  • JFK will make an appearance (played by my cat). She hates JD.