everything is miserable except this weed. ive never made a video of myself before probably gonna be my last. 

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Hi! Thank you so much for making this blog. I really want to get into the Ouji style, but I live in Hawaii, where it's always hot. Do you guys have any tips for wearing Ouji clothes in the heat? Thank you once again!

The heat is probably one thing that puts most Ouji/Aristocrats off from going out, I know I usually just stay home on super hot days but when there is an event in hot weather it all comes down to planning.
A good plan to reduce the time you spend outside is always so handy, in terms of clothing I think a chiffon blouse will be your best friend, a loose not so heavily lined pair of breeches with some light over the knee socks and low cut shoes will help so much also carefully plan out your details particularly collars and ties.
good luck yo


Don’t wear layers unless you like suffering like I do. 

Cutsews over blouses
Short sleeves over long sleeves
Shorts over pants
Vests/boleros over jackets
Lower socks/shoes
No hats/wig
Loose neckwear

The neck/torso area gets hot the fastest, so you want to avoid wearing too much around there. Generally knits and looser materials like chiffon will breathe easier than most. My favorite top for hot weather is my lolita beater.


Wear light chiffon or satin blouses or cutsews and go with non-wool vests and waistcoats instead of heavy jackets. Try wearing socks that are made of tights material or sheer socks instead which won’t hold in heat. Opt instead for an awesome hairstyle or a headdress instead of a hat which will just hold in heat and sweat to your head since most are made of wool or felt. For shoes try to stay away from boots and wear ankle cut shoes instead. The less layers you wear the better prepared you will be able to deal with the heat and humidity. Also RUN to air conditioned areas don’t walk.


Looking for lighter materials is something really important to keep in mind, but also lighter colors because they don’t trap as much heat. So if you can find some gray or white pants and jackets, then it’s more probably that those will keep you cooler than black colored items. Of course, layering will make you heat up even if the colors are light, and so it wouldn’t help you all that much if you’re already going for that. In that case, the less cloth, the better. Extra ruffles and double or triple layers are your worst enemies in the heat.

Well, as sad as this sounds you’re probably going to be hot no matter what, so I recommend wearing off brand blouses, socks, and tights, things that you don’t have to worry about sweating in and ruining as much. I wear a lot of chiffon blouses from Forever21 and cover them with jabots and such. I know layers like vests, jackets, and coats look really cool, but I would only stick with a light vest or jacket for the summer. I would also avoid wigs and hats, like everyone else said.

I know in Houston we have this super special summer trick called “Only leaving the AC to go from your car to the in door air-conditioned meeting place”. You can give that a shot if you want.

 I would definitely opt for offbrand chiffon blouses that you don’t mind sweating in. You can wear a chest binder or tank top under the chiffon blouse if you’re worried about it being see through, and then a jabot over it. Definitely try to style your real hair as opposed to a wig if it’s super hot out. Additionally if you really must wear a jacket, get one with light fabric. Atelier Boz eternity rolandos are a good example. The fabric is really light and airy.

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