failtocope said: Good for you. Kill em’ with kindness. Girls like that are everywhere. I deal with that in the Musical Theatre/Dance world as well. Gotta just ignore them and do what you do to your best ability. Psh, screw a suit. GO NAKED hahaha. Good luck girl.

barbellsandbeakers said: Girl don’t let them get to you. Mind games are immature, you’re not. Use us for support :)

awkward-marine said: All the more reason to completely kick ass! I’m sorry they’re such jerks though, that’s not fun :(

heartyway said: show then you’re so much better than they think you are!!! plus, that’s so rude of that girl, she’s just jealous! x

endomorphingkellie said: Kick some ass and take names. :p

rosamaybefearless said: You show them, girl!!

fitzoey said: Lol what a B…I was wondering if girls would get catty in these fitness teams. Just kill them with kindness and kick their ass :)

You know, I expected these girls to be this way. That was 1 reason I told my sponsor that I wasn’t sure about coming back around. He reassured me that everyone missed me etc but I just rolled my eyes, sucked it up and did what was right FOR ME :) I thought maybe I was being paranoid because the girls I competed with last time weren’t so much like this BUT I don’t know if it’s just me or not, I just never seem to fit in with other girls? The girls from last time were nice to me but they seemed to be more buddy-buddy with one another and I was kind of out cold. I fit in better with the dudes anyways though!  Forget it though, this is for me and sure it’s cool to make friends but I’m here to ‘KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES’ ;) LMAO You all are right though, kill them with kindness. I told my sponsor about them acting like this, didn’t mention names or even the situation but like he said, 

“You just need to whoop that ass and when you look better than them they will all of a sudden want to be your best friend. And then you can tell them to go fuck themselves.” LOL made me laugh, I’m not going to tell them to fuck off but I can say it in a nice way ;)

Oh and as far as my TUMBLR FAMILY, you all are my support :) Maybe I’ll start having dreams of us all working out like fitzoey! LOL

heartyway replied to your postGot home at lunch time…

what did you have for breakfast that’s so yummy!? :p

Prepare yourself….

I did my oatmeal like usual (1/3 C just covered with water and microwaved for a minute) mashed a ripe banana and microwaved that for about 35 seconds - so it was warm and slightly caramelised!! I spooned that over my oatmeal and added a teaspoonful of chocolate spread which melted and spread over the hot banana <3

It was heavenly :P

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1) If you had one more day to live what would you spend it doing? 

Seeing every person that I love so that I can tell them how much they mean to me, tell them how precious life is and tell them just how much I love them. I’d like the day to be spent with lots of talking and laughter and hugs and kisses and baking and scrapbooking happy memories…yeah.

2) If you were to pack your bags and travel in a few hours, where’d you go and whom would you take with you? 

To this beautiful villa in Crete that my family and I have stayed in a few times: it’s wonderfully decorated with a stunning garden and surrounding scenery. Plus, it’s situated next to an absolutely lush beach <3 I’d take my close family and friends.

3) Chicken or beef? 

cluck-cluck ;))

4) How would you describe your fashion sense? Does it represent you well? 

It varies from day to day. I’m not very daring, at all. But I like to think that I can put together nice outfits :3 I think it does represent me well as I like to think things through and plan things in detail.

5) Do you fall in love easily? 


6) What would your ‘perfect’ future consist off? 

Being recovered and able to enjoy my life without any restrictions or boundaries - just living in pure, carefree, unadulterated bliss.

7) Would you rather get a job where you live now or fly overseas and experience something new? 

Definitely overseas!!

8) Would you get a tattoo? why/why not? and if yes, what off?

Yes!! I have a couple planned out already :D two quotes: “one step at a time” - archway of my left foot; “what will survive of us is love”…it’s on my Granddad’s gravestone (I never got to meet him) and it’s from a poem that I love…want that across the side of my ribs. Aaaand something on the inside of my hip. Perhaps another one as well. 

9) What qualities do you look for in a best friend? 

Apart from the obvious ones i.e kind/funny/patient/honest!! Be able to have really personal conversations and deep heart-to-hearts. Be as weird as me i.e. really hyper and retarded :3 aaaaaaaand not judge me…just being supportive and genuinely caring <3

10) Would you consider yourself outgoing? 

Yes…I would say that, at heart, I am mostly an extrovert but who also needs time to unwind and recharge before socialising again - socialising is bloomin’ hard…tiring stuff!!

11) What’s the most random item in your room? 

Probably my ‘OSCAR’ award from my friend’s birthday party in November.

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  1. What was your first word?
  2. What is your favourite season?
  3. Cats vs. Dogs?
  4. What is your natural hair colour?
  5. Can you roll your tongue?…picture to prove it?
  6. Have you ever gotten into trouble with the police?
  7. Do you mostly wear your hair up or down/
  8. Where was the last place you went to on holiday?
  9. What is/was your favourite subject at school?
  10. Can you say redlorryyellowlorry really fast five times either without giggling at how silly you sound or your words turning into redlorryyellowlollyredlorrehanfdansjdfasnl?
  11. Are you a chewer of gum? What kind of gum? Fruity or minty…what'syoflaavah?

:D <3