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Damn, I should have expected you to answer that. Too easy. :/ Hmm. OKAY, would you rather -- sneak into the Slytherin dormitories and steal Draco's - err - boxers/briefs/WHATEVER HE WEARS *flushes from embarrassment* OR would you defy Snape. Oh, my. Correction, THE PROFESSOR SNAPE? :O

Too easy? I can assure you that it was quite the challenge, my dear! But I believe this one has taken the cake… -flushes as well from embarrassment- Well, I…oh Merlin, this one really does take the cake. However, because I hardly want to give Draco another reason to walk around as if he was King of Hogwarts I would have to choose to defy, with respect, Professor Snape instead of stealing Draco’s knickers.

You’d defy Professor Snape?! THE SCARIEST MAN IN THE WORLD?! 

Then again, I’m sure you’ve seen Draco’s knickers anyway. Wouldn’t be anything new, huh, Hermione?

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Professor Snape isn’t THAT scary! A little—alright, alot—intimidating but not scary.

As for Draco’s knickers….

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HELLO, MS. KNOW IT ALL! ♥ Lets fill your tumblr up with questions, shall we?! :D WOULD YOU RATHER... Hmm. OH - get kicked out of Hogwarts or make out with Mrs. Norris (although I am wondering how you will pull THAT off)? HAHA. :D

OH MY, hello heartstringcore! ♥ What a question to start with! :O

Though I suppose I should expect the unexpected in the form of questions by now. Hehe. Oh, this is a really a challenge to answer but I’ll go with the lesser of the two evils! I’d make out with Mrs. Norris -cheeks flush with embarrassed color- How I’d pull THAT off? Well, I suppose I would transfigure myself into a cat and…well that.