Hi my name is Erica, better known as Dawl! Or What a Dawl☺. I’m a wife, mommy, Disney lover and a friend to a handful of peeps! I’ve been creating bows for the past 3 yrs 🎀 #dawlsbowtique my signature pieces are my hearts ❤🎀💔. I LOVE HEARTS. I LOVE TO GIVE #heartons every now n then 🙈 te’he. I work full time, and I love my job! 🚑🚨🚒🏥. #ERLIFE I love to attended venues cause I love to meet you guys! I’ve been doing #Riversideartswalk a mnth after I started hair bows! Never give up on your dreams, that’s the reason we all have an imagination. If you think you can, your half way there! And remember to always be the change you wish to see in the world ☺
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hearton7 said:

Will you kik me?! :)

you have a bulge as your icon,

and your url is hearton

i don’t want to give you an affection erection - so i won’t kik you. i hear those things are quite deadly.

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Heartones  心電樂 - 但願妳美好  ★★★  from  Taiwan