He pushed Damon back against the wall, slid his arms out and took Damon’s hands with his then pushed him back against the wall. His lips crushed against Damon’s and he held him there, pinned. And he couldn’t stop kissing him, refused to stop kissing him.

Our muse’s ship name: Delijah/Dalijah

If i ship the ship: UH YES PLEASE.

If the muse ships the ship: YES HE DOES.

If i think they would get married: UHM YES.

And if the muse thinks they would get married: HE WILL PROPOSE UNTIL HE GETS A YES.

templarhael said:

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12. Compliment your hair

When Inara woke up to the sun rather hastily climbing into her window and spilling over the bed, poking rather unkindly at her eyelids, she rolled over with a grumble and covered her head with her pillow. But when her half-closed eyes fell on the Templar still sleeping at her side, she couldn’t help but smile a little. With some newfound strength she dragged herself up off the bed and went over to drag the curtains closed, wincing in the bright light, before returning to collapse at his side and steal a few more moments’ rest. 

When she woke up again, her darling Templar was awake, too, occupying himself with some text in his lap. He pretended that he did not notice she was awake, ignoring her entirely until she pulled herself up to plant a kiss on his cheek and reached a hand up to ruffle his already terribly disheveled hair. 

"Your hair looks nice," she told him. 

He rolled his eyes.

flirtyalphonse said:

If we kissed?

[] Quickie.
[x] Tongue.
[x] Softly bite your lip.
[] We wouldn’t.
[x] Long and meaningful.
[] Let’s hit up the bedroom.
[] You remember last time?
[] Awkward…
[] Lol no.

Would I go out with you?
[x] Yes, definitely.
[] No.
[] I want to, but it wouldn’t work.
[] Maybe. XD
[] Nope, you’re like family.
[] You’re cute, but probably not.
[] Just simply not my type.
[] If I knew you better.
[] Already did.
[] I don’t know.

If we took a picture together, we’d be…
[x] Hugging each other.
[x] Just chilling.
[] Holding hands.
[] Kissing.
[x] Acting dumb.
[x] Normal picture.
[] You holding me from behind.

You are…
[x] Cute/Pretty.
[x] Good looking.
[x] Sexy.
[x] All of the above ^-^

You + me + room = …
[x] Movies.
[x] Cuddling.
[x] Hanging out.
[x] Kissing.
[x] Playing games.
[x] Everything.
[] Wouldn’t let you in.

You should…
[x] Hit me up.
[x] Be mine.
[] Marry me.
[x] Reblog this so I can send you a heart.
[] be studying

If we got married, I’d…
[] Divorce you.
[] Make kids.
[] Take your money and bounce.
[] Smash every day.
[] I would cheat on you.
[x] Be faithful.
[] Kill you in your sleep 
[] We wouldn’t


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19. A date

Hook glanced around The Jolly nervously. It had been a few years since he had entertained a woman on his ship. He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. This was ridiculous. He shouted at a nearby crew member to send Tinkerbell to him in his cabin when she arrived. Walking down the stairs, he sat at his desk, absent-mindedly playing with his hook. He took another swallow of rum to calm his nerves, before standing up and pacing the room with nervous energy. He had just sat down again, when he heard Tinkerbell’s voice on deck. He took another swig of his rum and stood up. Here goes nothing.

theprizefighters said:


“You want a kiss then, huh vod?”

She pulls her helmet off, placing it down next to her as she reaches over and takes Jatne’s from his head as well, putting it down next to hers. She grinned at him before leaning forward to gently peck her lips against his in a kiss that took all of three microseconds. Leaning back, she watched the look of confusion pass over his face.

“Yeah vod, that’s all you’re getting.”

Mesh waited a moment, watching his expressions, her own smile becoming a grin as she closed the gap between them quickly, arms snaking over his shoulders to lock her fingers together behind his neck, her lips pressed softly against his in a deep, warm kiss. Mesh closed her eyes slowly, enjoying the moment, to him, her lips would taste like freshly brewed caf, that was her favourite lipgloss after all.