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1. Fave song at the moment?

Right now, it would have to be: The Vaccines - A Lack of Understanding

2. New Year’s resolution?

Sleep more regularly and stop wasting nights.

3. Your fandoms?

Here we go: Sherlock, TVD, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Harry Potter, LoTR, Nerd Fighters, Game of Thrones, Batman, OUAT, 30 Rock, GIRLS, Parks and Rec, Community, everything Amy Poehler, SNL, Homeland, The Newsroom, Arrested Development, Mad Men, Suits, Avengers etc.

4. 2 book recommendations? 

Hmmm. The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk and The House of Sleep by Jonathan Coe.

5. Sea or mountain?

Mountain, mountain and mountain.

6. London or Paris?


7. Tea or coffee?


8. Hobbit or LoTR?

Oh man, this one’s painful. Book-wise, LoTR mainly, The Fellowship of the Ring. Movie-wise, somewhere in between The Hobbit and The Return of the King. Can’t decide, because The Hobbit got some things right that I would’ve liked to see in The Return of the King.

9. What are you going to do today?

Read on my thesis, but probably indulge in Sherlock fanfiction and feel guilty for not reading on my thesis.

10. 3 movie recommendations?

Cloud Atlas (ignore the bad rep), Broken English, Moonrise Kingdom.

11. Biggest fear?

Having my memories erased.

My questions:

1. If you could only stay in one fandom forever and only one, which would it be?

2. Which character have you grown to hate over time?

3. Favorite slash pairing.

4. A song that makes you want to go out and do things.

5. Favorite gadget.

6. Weirdest gift ever received?

7. Which TV Show has taken you by surprise (in a good or bad way) in 2012?

8. Least favorite month of the year.

9. What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

10. (The eternal dilemma) Cake or Pie?

11. The book that defined your childhood.

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1. How long have you been on tumblr? Since April 2011.

2. If there was a movie made about your life, who would you want to play you, your crush, and your bff? I don’t know who I’d want to play me. I don’t think there’s anyone in Hollywood that looks like me. Crush, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio.  BFF would be Ginnifer Goodwin just because I love her and wish she was my bff :P

3. Name a TV character who is alot like you. Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)

4. Top 5 Female TV Characters? Snow White (Once Upon a Time), Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time), Jess Day (New Girl), Emma Pillsbury (Glee), and Princess Aurora (Once Upon a Time)

5. Top 5 Male TV Characters? August Booth (Once Upon a Time), Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl), Nick Miller (New Girl), Toby Cavanaugh (Pretty Little Liars), Prince Charming (Once Upon a Time)

6. Describe you Style (as in clothing). I wear jeans and t-shirts a lot. I guess it’s pretty average.

7. How many countries have you visited? Which ones? None, besides the US.

8. Have you met anyone famous? Who? No, but I wish. Or does former Mayor Daley count? I’ve met him twice.

9. If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, which would it be? Pop, it’s pretty much the only genre I listen to already.

10. Think of your top 5 favorite shows that are airing right now. If one of them were to be cancelled, which would you want it to be? If I had to choose, I guess it’d be Glee. I still love it, but not nearly as much as I used to.

11. What is the last movie you went to see in theaters? How was it? Django Unchained and it was crazy, but at the same time, really good. I’d definitely recommend it.














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9. Favorite singer?

10. Favorite actor?

11. Favorite actress?