you’ve been lied to, stood up, heart broken, cheated on, physically, mentally/emotionally hurt.

you’re sad now, but it won’t always be that way.

someday you’ll be living in your own house, sleeping in a comfy king size bed covered with blankets and pillows.

you’ll look over and see the love of your life sleeping with bed head and drool on their pillow.
you’ll roll over and kiss their forehead.

you’ll both wake up and go to the kitchen and make yourselves a hearty breakfast with hot chocolate and later go for a run together.

maybe start a family, maybe travel the world, maybe start a successful business in the near future.

don’t give up on love.

love always prevails.

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You know what's awesome? Komahina. Who would write some Komahina for me? Pretty please? *Bats eyelashes at mods*

Komahina!!!! I swear, I always have this image of Komaeda following Hajime around and Hajime pretends he’s annoyed, but he actually doesn’t mind Komaeda’s presence. ~ Mod Narii

Imagine Komaeda and Hajime are stuck together for a small presentation of a play they had to write themselves. Hajime, being the serious student he is, tried to make Komaeda work as consistently as possible. Of course, Komaeda would often daydream and ramble about other things most of the time; you can guess from then on that things haven’t been very productive on his side.

The day before the presentation, Hajime checked up on Komaeda, asking him if he had finished writing and learning his part.

Ah, that! Nope! Komaeda replied with a hearty laugh.

Hajime only stared at him for a long while, trying to remain calm. Are you serious?

Hajime, don’t make that face! Hope always preva-

I’m not letting you sleep until you finish writing and learning the whole presentation. Hajime grabbed a tight hold of Komaeda’s hand and dragged him to the library.

Despite Komaeda’s obvious nonchalant attitude, Hajime typed desperately on the computer and tried to convince Komaeda to remember his text as he wrote it. After accumulating about half of the part Komaeda was supposed to have learned, a power outage occurred, leaving the both of them in the dark, literally.

Hajime hadn’t saved any of the work.


Hey hey, Hajime. Don’t worry! This is probably my bad luck working. But there’s usually good luck coming after, so it’ll be all g-

No, Nagito. This wouldn’t have happened if you would’ve just done your work when I told you to!

Hajime hit his head comically against the desk, lying face down in exasperation. Komaeda chuckled slightly and patted his hair, repeating that his luck would mend things soon enough, something Hajime didn’t particularly believe in.

The dreaded presentation day had arrived, and Hajime was nervous, oh so nervous. He had learned his part by heart and had rehearsed so many times. He wasn’t worried about himself, he was worried about Komaeda. He had abandoned writing something for Komaeda, coming to the conclusion that it was Komaeda’s fault for not being more serious.

How could you abandon me so, my love?! I have braved countless mountains, fields and seas, only to see a hint of happiness on your lips. Hajime proclaimed, diving into his character. He internally hoped, prayed, wished Komaeda had somehow miraculously written and learned something.

Ah, but abandonment and hardships are necessary to raise hope in the hearts of all! If you had not suffered as so, how could you have savoured our reunion? I thought you would have understood by now. Hope awaits at the end of the tunnel, no matter the pain and misfortune on your path!

Hajime couldn’t help but be extremely impressed. Komaeda had learned so much in so little time! As they enacted their play, stars twinkled in the teacher’s eyes. Needless to say, they passed the presentation with flying colors.

As the bell rung, Hajime walked up to Komaeda, a big smile stuck on his face. Nagito, those were some seriously good lines out there. How did you manage to write and learn all that in such short time?

Komaeda stared at him with a sly smile. Learn what?

Hajime’s traits twisted to an expression of surprise. Well, you know… The lines you spoke out today?

Oh, I was improvising!

Hajime could feel a crooked, exasperated smile forming on his lips. He sighed and stared away, scratching the back of his head. I guess they don’t call you the Ultimate Lucky Student for nothing.

Remember, Hajime! Hope!


Review: Grateful Dead Meet-up at the Movies - Alpine Valley, East Troy, Wisc., July 19, 1989 - May 4, 2015

“That’s illegal and you can’t do it in here!” the woman shouted as the Grateful Dead played “Space” on the large screen behind her.

“I don’t wanna be a buzz kill, but we’ll stop the movie if you don’t stop smoking that stuff.”

While it wasn’t exactly like yelling Fire! in a crowded theater, the head usher’s words did cause a bit of unease among the faithful who gathered for the fifth-annual Grateful Dead Meet-up at the Movies as they realized they had to make a choice between marijuana and music.

Fortunately, they chose the latter.

The movie theater took on a concert-hall atmosphere with ample pot smoke, hearty applause, people walking in and out to refresh their drinks, older Heads flicking their Bics and young kids dancing down in front, apparently unaware that, unlike at an actual show, the view is worse down there. Still, one young woman was very enamored with her shadow on the screen and maybe that was the draw.

On to the show: July 19, 1989, unreleased and never shown publicly until last night. Professionally shot, and with lots of close ups of the boys doing their thing, it was the next best thing to being there because, as the new saying goes, there is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert movie.

This last hurrah at Alpine and the final show of Summer Tour ‘89, found the band - particularly Jerry Garcia - in high spirits. Garcia was animated, sang and played with emotion, capped off licks with flourishes from his right hand and cued the band with his guitar’s neck. Drummer Bill Kreutzmann, also in a playful mood, popped over his set at one point and tapped Bob Weir, lost in a mid-song jam, with a drumstick.

Ever the showman, Weir was nevertheless a bit subdued, choosing his most basic songs and forgoing the vocal bombast typical of the quirky rhythm guitarist. Keyboardist Brent Mydland, too, was a bit restrained, taking zero lead vocals and kicking in only sporadic harmonies. His playing, however, was superb as per usual.

That left Garcia, bassist Phil Lesh and Kreutzmann and his brother in arms Mickey Hart to drive the bus. Cowboy Neal would have been proud as the navigators steered the band and took it careening from the deep past (a winning “Deal”) to the hyper present (an embryonic “Victim or the Crime” and a fully developed “Foolish Heart”).

Lesh began the second stanza with a rollicking, if ragged “Box of Rain” and the front half of the set stayed strong through “Drumz.” The post-“Space” “Other One” limped along as Garcia traded Wolf for Tiger and sat out part of the tune. And “The Wheel” was just flat.

But then came the “Morning Dew,” which moved from delicate to dramatic and touched every space in between. Garcia sang as if his life was on the line and fanned the Tiger while the rest of the band just soared. The climax was such that “Dew” was the obvious set closer. “Lovelight,” which at this time was transitioning from toss-off rocker to big jamming vehicle, was the not-so-obvious encore and, ultimately, Summer Tour closer.

That was big fun in 1989 and big fun again last night.

In the end, the movie never stopped and everyone, including Sound Bites, who hadn’t seen the show since it happened, enjoyed the LSD-free flashback it provided.

Grade card: Grateful Dead Meet-up at the Movies 2015 - B

Setlist: 1: Hell in a Bucket/Sugaree/Mama Tried/Mexicali Blues/Althea/Victim or the Crime/West LA Fadeaway/Desolation Row/Deal 2: Box of Rain/Foolish Heart/Looks Like Rain/Terrapin Station/Drumz/Space/The Other One/The Wheel/Morning Dew E: Lovelight

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"Ahoy, me hearties! I hear tell that one 'o ye be wantin' a cutlass o' absurd proportions! Who be th' buccaneer what's I'm s'pposed t' deliver it to?"

Yahaaaaaa that’d be me!” Demi cheered, “bettah be a quality blade, somethih’ fine and sharp!