I’m waiting for the Stydia shippers to flip out over the episodes, and honestly, I’m over it. I’m a Stydia shipper also but first and foremost, I’m a Lydia Martin fan. I want her to be with someone who respects her, who’ll take good care of her while also respecting she’s a badass genius who don’t need no man and to be honest, it looks like that person is Parrish this season. If you don’t want Lydia to be with somebody who looks at her with THESE STUPID HEARTEYES then you need to question why because she deserves all the love.


So the compact candy tins I ordered finally got here, and I just have to say they’re absolutely GORGEOUS. These pictures don’t do them justice. I can’t believe how utterly exquisite and detailed they are for being so small! I just have to say though, I really wish they had used the original Transformation Brooch or the Eternal Moon Article instead of Luna-P… I’d much rather prefer another beautifully detailed compact to Luna-P :(