Don’t be that girl. That girl who goes back continuously and thinks that every time will be different. I understand you miss him, and it’s easier to breathe with him around. But isn’t easier to smile when he’s not breaking up with you, or getting mad at you for nothing? You don’t deserve to be the back up. That person he drops and picks up whenever he feels like. Don’t be that girl. That girl who thinks that each time he comes around he means what he says and wont leave again, everyone knows he will. And you end up looking like a fool in the end…again. I get that youre happier when he is texting you and cuddling with you. But aren’t you happier when you aren’t crying on your floor because he hasn’t said a word to you all day? No one can tell who to be. But don’t be that girl. Youre smarter than that girl. Stronger than that girl. And worth a hell of a lot more than that girl.
And I’ll try not to lose myself while you carry on with your life. I’ll leave you be and try my hardest not to think about you every minute of every day. And just as quickly as you fell out of love with me, I will fall into chaos.
You tell me one night you don’t want to hurt me again. The next night you’re cuddled up to another girl again. I’m so used to the attachment that I can’t let go because theirs something inside that tells me not to go and maybe one day you’ll see me as your everything because I love you and that’s the way its goes. Hopefully one day I’ll wake up and see you’re not all that but I’ve been waiting for a while now and you’ve broken me and you don’t even see that.
—  Why did I fall for someone who looks at me as a side girl.
I thought you would be my remedy. Turns out you were the thing that broke me the way no remedy could ever fix.
I wish with all my heart, and soul that I could hate you. To have a reason to hate you, something to fuel me on, something to feel, but I don’t. I never will because you were always perfect in my eyes.