heartbroken quotes

Oh why can I not conquer love?
I wanted it, I wanted it bad
But there were so many red flags
Now another one bites the dust
Yeah, let’s be clear, I’ll trust no one
—  Sia, Elastic Heart
What I don’t understand is people fight so hard to be with who they want. Go through all this pain and heartbreak but when the time comes they are together they stop fighting and trying because they have what they want it’s so wrong and misleading it leaves me confused. If you really wanted to be with some one you would still put up the fight even if you had them.
—  LifeKillsNotDrugs
I think what hurt me the most was that so many people saw it coming, and the only thing I ever wanted you to do was prove them all wrong. But you couldn’t even do that for me.
—  I saw it coming too but I thought you were different erica-s-diary

Just when i think I’m finally moving on, I see something that reminds me of you and I’m back at step one.

It’ll take me to thinking all night about what we had and what we could’ve had, and it’s the worst feeling in the world; wanting something you can’t have.

—  s.a.m.i
I couldn’t even tell you what we are anymore. But what I can tell you is that there is nothing I want more than for you to hold me in your arms every night and to feel your heart beat in sync with mine.
—  I miss your embrace erica-s-diary
How do you feel nothing, yet I feel everything…
—  Don’t you still think of me? oh-la-la-lovingit