Life isn't like the movies

Sometimes I think about what to say to you when I tell you how I feel. Should I be blunt about it? Or maybe I could be corny, or maybe I could beat around the bush, Maybe I should just skip the whole telling you how I feel and just kiss you the next time I see you because actions do speak louder than words, right? Then I realize, that me telling you this is pointless, because I’m almost 100% sure you won’t catch me if I fall.So while I think about what to say when I tell you how I feel I also think about how I’m going to pick myself up out of the dirt when you leave me there. I think about how I’m going to explain this to my friends, more importantly how I’m going to convince myself that I never really liked you, that you were just a phase. I’ll have to pick myself and pieces of my heart up and try to piece together my life again but now without you in the centre of it all. Every time I’m foolish enough to think about “us” like there will ever be an "us" I have to remind myself that life isn’t a movie, and he’ll never just realize his best friend is the one he should be falling for and there won’t be a crowd chanting “kiss” shortly after I profess my love to you. We won’t make out at a college party because you’re already in college and we won’t bump into each other years from now at a coffee shop and start over because life is not like the movies