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                                           Pegging tales of life
                                    As the cards go flying down
                                           Forgetting to count

Foreigners today? As good a time as any. ようこそ; enjoy yourself, I suppose.


Nickolas had woken up that morning feeling like the princely counterpart Jake. It seemed the member of royalty wanted to lead the exhibition into town that day and what kind of person would Nickolas had been had he declined? It wasn’t the polite thing to do and it provided him time to think thoughts only of castles and fancy clothes.

As Jake, Nickolas was far more arrogant and egotistical than usual. His mind was constantly high above the clouds on any regular day but as Jake he often viewed poorly of the people he automatically saw as beneath him. Much of this came from the belief that as Jake he had fancy clothes and eccentric hair that was orange and yellow. It was all imaginary but he had forgotten about that long ago.

His outfit mainly consisted of a hat that had been cut to fit over a animal eared headband and clothes he wore on family outings. The additional accessory that set him apart was his tan boots that completely mismatched everything else on his body. They were Nickolas’ favorite shoes that he wore no matter who he felt like.

When in town, he kept his eyes out for anything that would appeal to him and that of course was the biggest house of the area. It had a mansion appearance that was magnified in the eyes of a child. To him it was a castle that he just had to go into and so he knocked audibly reasonable.

“Hello, hello in there! Knock, knock, knock. Anybody home?”

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“Hmm~?” The feather-hair child tilted his head, smiling at the arrival of his new toys. “AHA! ☆” He giggled clapping his hands in delight. Just when he was getting bored some brand new faces showed up! What luck~ “Hey, hey!” He smiled, picking himself up off the dusty ground, patting at his long white coat with his scarred hands. “Welcome to Deadman Wonderland~! I hope you enjoy you’re stay~ ☆” Though, he wondered if he’d ever see these new faces again. After all, not many did survive past the first week.