No. Don’t message him back. Get off his page. You deserve so much better than this, I promise you that. Don’t put yourself in a position where he can hurt you a second time. You’ll be okay.
—  daily reminder to myself and to anyone who’s struggling with a break up, you deserve so much better. please don’t go back to him when you know he won’t hesitate to hurt you again.

This town reeks
of all the unfinished
business and the
memories which
have faded but yet
can’t seem to be

Out of the sewers climb
vagrants and misplaced
addicts and what do we do?
Deny them the right to
exist. Lock them up
off the streets, to keep
running the machine.

This place reeks and
there you sit, in the
thick of it. Like you
can’t even smell it.
Or see it. Or taste it.
You  blind yourself,
dull your taste and sight
with filthy, green pieces
of paper. Value it more
than a life.

And the world turns.
And the world spins.
And here I reside.
And here I will die.
And what will I do
to do my part, before
I’m gone?

That is the question I
keep asking over and
over as I look upon it

—  Kimberly Arcade, The Thick of it
If you are going to leave me I won’t stop you. When you reach the decision that this is no longer what you want, I will nod my head and agree with you that perhaps this is for the best. You’ll tell me that you’re sorry and that you never meant to hurt me and I’ll tell you that it’s okay. I’ll tell you that I’ll be fine, and I’ll wish you happiness . When you decide that you want to move forward without me I will not beg you to stay, I won’t ask you not to go, and I won’t plead to take me with you. I will gently hold your face with my hands, and kiss you on the forehead just one last time. I’ll look you in the eye, in those mesmerising blue eyes that I know all too well and tell you that I knew deep down this was coming. I knew that you would leave me, but I love you enough to let you go, I love you enough to set you free.
—  Be honest
It’s been 5 months and my chest is still just as heavy as the day you left.
In the grand scheme of things, I know I’m better off without you. Someday, all this pain will become irrelevant and I’ll live as if you leaving didn’t break my world apart. I know I’ll move on. Eventually. But now let me embrace all of it. Let me love you. Even if it doesn’t matter and even if it’s all pointless. I think there is a time in all our lives, a point when, we learn how to give without caution and love without any regrets and I’m at that point. I’m here because I loved you and I let you love me and even if it was only our little piece of heaven in the grand scheme of all things, it was beautiful. So I’ll grieve. And then I’ll move on. And then I’ll forget. But for now, let me.

Letters #2

Genefe Navilon

1. Don’t kiss him until he takes you on a proper date. Parked in an empty lot under a poorly lit street lamp doesn’t count. He needs to ask you out to the movies, to the new italian restaurant in town. He needs to earn a piece of you. Don’t just give yourself away.

2. Don’t apologize when it isn’t your fault. He’s going to be wrong too. And when he does something that causes your lungs to deflate and your ribs to crack don’t tell him that you’re sorry. Don’t take the blame for him. It may take a while but if he’s worth it he’ll acknowledge his mistake and take responsibility.

3. Make sure you’re comfortable. Whether it’s being comfortable with how quickly you’re taking the relationship, or being comfortable in front of him without a face of makeup on, you need to be comfortable. If he can’t accept the boundaries you’ve set he’s no good. And if he can’t accept the fact that you’re just as beautiful without a mask drawn by what society wants to see than he’s definitely no good.

4. He isn’t everything you need. It may seem like the loving words he speaks and the warmth of his skin are all you need in life but that isn’t true. And don’t make it true. Because when you put all of your happiness in someone, you give them the power to make or break you. Instead of filling your heart with late night texts from him, fill your heart with good music and bad jokes. He isn’t everything you need. Movie marathons with friends and homemade chocolate chip cookies are just as good as boys. Plus the cookies hurt less when they’re gone.

5. Make new memories. No matter how hard you try you won’t be able to forget how his lips felt on yours as you sat on your couch that summer evening. And every time you walk out onto that goddamn porch images of him will flash into your head. Your body will freeze up and your heart will ache for a bit but theres a way to cure it. Make new memories in those areas of pain. Have a sleepover and pile onto that stupid couch as you and your girlfriends watch a horror movie. You’ll find yourself remembering the ear piercing screams instead of how he tasted. Wake up early and watch the sunrise with your mother over a cup of tea. She’ll always be there for you and the next time you stand on that porch you’ll remember the color of the morning sky instead of the color of his eyes.

6. Realize there’s someone better. It may hurt to hear it, and you may deny it thinking no boy’s hand will ever fit with yours the way his did. You may think that no boys laugh will ever ignite your insides the way his did, but there definitely is someone better out there. You want a boy who puts you on top of the world, not six feet under. You want a boy to leave traces of himself on your heart, not your skin. You want a boy to love you for you, not your body. No matter how much you think you love him, I promise someday you’ll love someone else even more. And he’ll love you back just as much.

—  6 things I told my friend to remember when it comes to boys
I love you and I would have given you anything, hell I thought I did, but I guess it wasn’t enough and that’s okay, that’s okay.
—  Trying to convince myself I can do without your love / mistakenharmony