big batch o’ bircher

The great thing about bircher muesli (pronounced “berker” muesli) is that you can make a big batch, and as long as you keep it refrigerated, you can enjoy it as an instant breakfast every day of the week.

As long as the raw ingredients are oats, milk, juice and grated apple, you can add pretty much whatever you like to it: flaxseed, nuts, dried fruit, cacao nibs, spices… You can also experiment with liquid ratios to get the consistency you want.


  •  200g oats (or 4 packets of graze porridge)
  • 150ml almond milk
  • 150ml orange juice
  • 1 large apple, grated
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • mixed nuts (or 2 punnets of our heart healthy nuts)
  • mixed seeds (or 1 punnet of our omega booster seeds)
  • dried fruit (or 2 punnets of our super berries)
  • Cinnamon and nutmeg to taste


  • Greek yoghurt
  • Raspberries


In a large bowl, mix together all the ingredients. Allow to soak for at least an hour until the oats have softened, or overnight. The mixture will thicken up once soaked. 

When you’re ready to eat it, add as much yoghurt as you like. You can mix it in or dollop it on top.

Our Nutritionist

“This is by far my favourite breakfast at the moment and ensures a super speedy morning preparation, even for the ‘too busy for breakfast’ crowd! The bonus of soaking the nuts beforehand is it partially digests outside of the body, giving your digestive system a helping hand.”

Oh my my...

Okay so now that I’m home and actually have time to form a thought; here goes.

I heard the last maybe 15-20 seconds and all I heard were Louis and Harry talking about supportive fans, when I originally tweeted I said the boys were together on Z100 for a clip. I didn’t say interview and I followed it up with that it was new for me, I hadn’t heard it but it may not be brand new.  Some accounts misquoted me and it is what it is because apparently it truly was an interview but they’re young in it.

Which leads me to my next point.

Why air an interview of them from THAT LONG AGO right now?

There are a few reasons in my opinion.

1. When was the last time they actually got to talk, seemingly to each other or at the same time, in an interview comfortably (except for recently, a bit) and sound so married. (Yes that is my opinion but you can just sense their chemistry from hearing them talk together in the short clip I heard…they are too in love.)  It’s been ages, right? So why air it now? 


Trying to familiarize old fans, new fans, and the general public to the idea of Larry again, and not just romantically, but as friends since management has done such a job of making it seem like they HATED each other for the last few years.  It’s been so long since we really got to see them interact, since they were young and full of hope and smiles and butterflies for each other.  They have to do this slowly because if we went from them hating each other to them suddenly dating the general public would doubt it, hell even some people who were on the fence about what the status of their relationship was would doubt it.  You have to move slowly, bring in pieces of them together, bring in the idea first, and since it’s been so long since they interacted they’re gonna have to pull things from fetus days.

2. The headlines lately have been mentioning them in the same breath, we NEVER used to see their names in headlines together, and now it’s normal.  Z100/I heart radio did good by playing that clip specifically because what do they talk about?


Both boys talk about how lucky they are that their fans accept them for who they are and are supportive.  Out of EVERY interview they’ve done as a band (I only heard the last bit but Im assuming the other boys were in the earlier part of the clip, I don’t know) why pick this interview?

They want us to accept them as Larry Stylinson again, they brought up the two of them talking about support and acceptance so when they are brought back together we’ve got these seeds in our head and they’ve had time to be planted.  So that when Joe who might not care as much as we do about Larry sees a pic of them he’ll think back and be like 

“oh hey I remember hearing a snippet of them talking about their fans being so accepting, they’re lucky. how cool.”

This does two things.  It takes the responsibility off of those who gave them the image of hating each other, yes, they get off (to the public) scotch free…but it also opens a window of an already solidified relationship and a fan base that supports them through it, which makes other people want to do so as well.

This makes the two of them coming out as a couple easier on them too, and anything we can do as a fan base to make this easier on them, we should do.

There has been so much happening this week, from Harry going from being Taylor’s ex boyfriend to now her ‘rumored’ ex boyfriend, to the headlines linking Louis and Harry’s name multiple times, and Harry’s rep slamming down dating rumors with Joy, it’s been busy and very very VERY different than what we’re used to.

I personally expect to hear more interview snippets, more clips, and more fetus Larry in the news in the near future.

That way when we get new Larry, the new pap pics of them at fro-yo or getting coffee and tea, it feels (to the public) like we never missed a beat, and even though we’ll still hold on to a grudge for those who tried to hide Larry and make them feel like they weren’t able to love in the open, we’ll love it too…because so many people were fawning over that clip today, so many people just love any mention of Larry together at all.

This is good guys, this is seeding.

This is Larry finally happening. 

I rarely see this now...

When I was a child, I often see this vine growing anywhere… Before I don’t know what it’s called… So I researched and I discovered it’s a balloon plant or love in a puff.

What’s interesting about this plant, besides of its medicinal properties, is what you’ll see inside the inflated seed capsules…

Inflated seed capsules…

If you open them, you’ll see three seeds inside… Just make sure you pick up the dried ones… Then look at the seeds…

You’ll see a heart.♥

Maybe because of industrial development, so I rarely see this now. Before, I can see this along the river banks…

(Credits: http://en.wikipedia.org / Wolfgang Stuppy)

Today was a fairytale :)

These are balloon vine seeds. or Heart seeds. They are little black seeds with a white heart at the center. This plant is found in only one place in the UP campus. At the old registrar’s office.

Last year, on this same day, I went there to get some of these. The area was grassy and apparently, I was allergic. I was wearing a short dress then so my legs were all red when I got home. Anyway, I put the seeds in a vial with ribbons and a letter inside :)

The next day, I gave the vial to someone. In the letter I said “Im giving you my heart. Take care of it.”

That someone, he’s my bestfriend.

He still is.

And until now, he still has my heart <3

- yan yung blog post ko a year ago. nabasa yan nung bio teacher namin. Tapos sabi nya, may bago na daw syang ikkwento sa klase pag diniscuss nya yung halaman na yun para matandaan agad ng mga estudyante :)

Patient’s Lullaby

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away
so I grew an orchard on my tongue.
Packed Granny Smith for lunch.
Dipped my hair into scarlet letters
so it mimicked fruit salad.
Treatment is silver beneath the soles of the poor,
the souls that pour, tell the seagulls not to squawk,
tell the cats not to paw.
They say an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay
so I turned my body spring, my heart to seed.
They had me chew the alphabet til it tasted like salt
and letters like dead stars would fall.
This is how you stop being sick
without getting better at all.

Yummy #smoothie
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Lemon Chia Seed Pancakes

Lemon Chia Seed Pancakes

Leading up to a race it’s easy to forget what made you sign up in the first place. Your brain scans the options for a quick way out, but the only way out is to finish it.  You’re struggling to get your miles in. You’re packing – preparing for the worst. You’re more cautious of your diet, eating healthier, avoiding your normal guilty pleasures (like hard cider and brownie sundaes). Somehow in…

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Each of us should take a moment to reflect - not on the existence but within ourselves - we each, all of us, have a gift to offer the world. It is a natural attraction, the hearts calling, the seeds of our virtues. We exist to be, & when we provide this gift to others, we truly are resonating at our own tone that reflects our truest of being. We all must bring these gifts to the world, it is your light that you shall spread to others. To bring about change, inspiration, & most of all to do what you do best. Be grateful for your opportunity you have arrived at. It is the dance of the stars that bring us to where we are now, & there is no better time than to shine! I wish the best for all of you to be who you are meant to be & bring change to the world around each of your ecosystems you’ve connected to. In time, we are the bearers of a new world, one we live from our hearts. We bring fourth a level of consciousness that is not just in tuned to nature, but is Nature. Be kind to those you pass, & share love from that heart of yours. We ride the waves of life, & we can influence those to be true by allowing ourselves to show by example how life is a beautiful journey! Many wishes to all you reading this & continue to offer your greatest gifts! Namaste Aloha 🌿 (at 🌛 Nu-CommonSense.org 🌜)


La semilla

El problema al sembrar una semilla, es preguntarse si esta germinara ??

Puede que la riegues, que procures ponerla al rayo del sol, que le prodigues palabras hermosas, pero siempre dependerá en gran medida del asar y de la fertilidad de la tierra que utilices para dicho fin.

Como todo lo que vale la pena en la vida, no queda mas remedio que esperar para conocer la respuesta, continuar procurándole los cuidados y mimos antes mencionados.

Y al final cuando de ella surja un pequeño brote de vida, recordar que al contrario de lo que se pudiese pensar se le deben duplicar las atenciones.

¿Porque acaso no es mas frágil y mas terrible el sentimiento que surge de perder un brote ya maduro, con el cual ya nos habremos encariñado, que la simple decepción de no ver ningún brote nacer?

Consejos de agricultura orgánica para corazones rotos…