Hey! New MTMTE Fans,

And I’m guessing there might be a good number of you thanks to the Humble Bundle offer, so just want to say:

Welcome Aboard! You’re in for an awesome ride. Good luck with the feels.

And don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure about something in the story. Most of us here will be happy to help you navigate your way around because we do understand that things can get a little confusing, especially in the first few issues, especially if you’re not too familiar with the IDW and/or G1 (and greater G1) verse, while you find your footing.

If it’s not going to spoil an upcoming issue for you we’ll be happy to clarify things. If it is a spoiler, well… The fun of reading MTMTE is not knowing where the gut punch will come from :D

We’ve also got cookies, plushies, shock blankets and duct tape - you will understand the need for these as the characters slowly set up shop in your heart :)

Enjoy the Ride!


Doctor saves child’s life by practicing heart surgery on 3D-printed model

Heart surgery is an extremely difficult procedure. Even more so when the tiny anatomy of a small child is involved. When 14-month old Roland Lian Cung Bawi’s heart was failing him, his surgeon Erle Austin knew that he had to prepare meticulously for an intricate operation. Initially he consulted other surgeons, but this yielded conflicting advice. So Austin turned to 3D printing for help.

Using the facilities at the University of Louisville’s engineering school, Austin and his medical team produced a three dimensional model of little Ronald’s heart. Pediatric operations are difficult because the interior structures of a child’s organs are small and hard to see clearly. This model allowed the surgical team to come up with a precise plan to limit the amount of exploratory incisions, reduce operating time and prevent the need for follow-up operations.

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