Imagine having Jason Momoa play Derek’s long assumed lost, older brother….

He’s just as snarky & sassy as the rest of the Hales; he can deal Derek a lot gruff over everything he does ranging from stealing his clothes to his choice in books, but he could also level with him on an emotional level. And well, he’s quite the keen observer & gives Derek hell about what’s really going on between him & that Stilinski guy. To which Derek rolls his eyes, huffs, and stomps off mumbling under his breath while his big bro just chuckles and shakes his head because he just knows. He knows Derek well enough not to push the subject, well too much at least, but that won’t stop him from wrapping him up in a headlock, tormenting him with a few noogies while singing obnoxiously off key, “Derek & Stiles (what even is that name, baby bro?) sitting in a tree….”


Karlie "100% sunshine" Kloss