hollylu-pokeship-art asked:

Pokeshipping “I wish I could just forget you.”

Misty could feel her heart pounding in her ears as she ran through the forest. He legs were burning, but she still pushed forward. Her throat ached terribly, but she still kept calling his name.


She skidded to a stop at the yell, twisting around to see Pikachu waving at her from down another path. It wasn’t a happy wave, he looked rather put out but also a bit hopeful. Taking a deep breath, she ran towards him. “Pikachu, is he here somewhere?”

Pikachu nodded to the trees and said, “Pikapi pi pikachu chu pika cha pika pi pi Pikachupi.” Her ears fell. “Pikapi.”

Misty didn’t quite understand what he was saying, but she recognized his names for both herself and Ash. What she did know was that the pokemon was pleading with her to make things right. “Okay. Wait here.”

Once again, the girl took a deep breath. She squared her shoulders and walked through the treeline. The first thing that met her eyes was a quiet, smooth river. The surface was broken by a rock crashing into it, and Misty looked in the direction it came from, almost sighing in relief when she saw Ash.

Slowly, like she was approaching a baby Stantler, Misty made her way to him. Ash’s shoulders tensed, though he didn’t look at her as she sat next to him. Instead, he just picked at the stones on the ground, scooping one up to skip across the surface of the water.

Misty was silent for a moment, trying to figure out how to word what she wanted to say. It should have been easy, a simple ‘I’m sorry’, but those words had never come easy to her. She opened and closed her mouth several times trying to start, but nothing came out.

“Did you mean it?” Ash startled her by being the one to break the silence.

“No!” Her voice was urgent, her heart hammering in her chest both from the run and the surge of panic that rushed through her. “I was just…I was angry. I didn’t mean…”

“That I’m selfish and you never wanted to see me again. How you wished you could just forget about me?” They argued for as long as they had known one another, so they knew exactly how to get under each other’s skin and what was pushing too much. This was one of those things that was a little too much for him and Misty knew that. It might have been because his father left his mother before he was even born, she didn’t know, but these types of arguments were never ones that he could just shrug off.

Misty regretted saying a lot of things in anger. It wasn’t his fault that she was tired from running the gym and the fact that her small vacation to Pallet Town had somehow just turned into more work and shenanigans. In most cases, neither one of them were entirely innocent when it came to their arguments, but this time he had only meant well. “I didn’t mean any of it.”

Ash stared ahead, skipping another stone across the surface of the water. His shoulders relaxed slightly as he watched a rock skip farther than any of the others. Finally, he turned to her, a small smile on his face. “I wouldn’t let you forget about me so easily anyway.”

Misty laughed at his answer. She didn’t say that she was sorry. He didn’t say that he forgave her. It was something that they’d have to deal with later, but for right now they both understood one another. In her mind, that meant so much more.