You looked at me with a puzzled face
You asked me
“What kind of armor do you wear?”
And I replied
“No my dear, this is just my skin.”
And I let you peel it from me

You took a peek at my X-Rays
And asked me
“What kind of maze is this?”
And I replied
“No my dear, that is my ribcage.”
And I let you pry at it

You cut me open
And lifted my bones
And asked me
“Why does a metal box
rest in your chest?”
And I replied
“No darling, that is my heart”
I let you observe it working

And you smiled

You cocked your head
And scrunched up you brow
And raised your fists
And smashed it

Periwinkle Memories

Wafting wisps of periwinkle memories 
amidst a dance of dampened daffodils
through her tearful torrents translucent
she resignedly remembers everything
their love to last consigned to the past
angry accusations, apologies withheld 
forgiveness flew far away into forever
and holding her hidden heart she feels 
the sky is somehow colder this spring

If everyone comes into our lives for a reason, what is the reason for the ones we let into our lives only for them to leave?

Maybe it’s not to show you that you are weak for letting someone in & caring so much for them. Maybe it’s to show you how strong you are to have let down your guard to love someone.

& even though it felt as if they walked away with your heart, your heart is still beating.

Can you feel it?

It’s stronger than it was before.

—  & it’s never leaving.