Peoples Power Demands $15 an Hour

Raise the minimum wage protest in New York’s Herald Square, October 24, 2013.

The Owls that Light Up Macys

Hearld Square was a place that was drastically different than it is today. The northern part (Hearld Square is actually the northern half from 34th street to 35th street) is home today to a slew of shops and the fun time that is Macy’s, but from 1895 to 1921 this was the headquarters of the New York Hearld newspaper. In Hearld Square today, there is the original clock that adorned the headquarter back in 1895 and still is functional today, although it doesn’t ring every hour anymore since it would loudly chime in front of pedestrians. The statue in the middle is the Roman goddess Minerva who symbolizes wisdom, amusing because the Hearld was more New York Post than New York Times. The two blacksmiths below her are named Stuff and Guff. Up top are two owls that today still have eyes that randomly light up green. It’s one of those things where once you notice it, you can’t stop noticing it.

In 1940 this clock was re-situated to where it is today as part of the renovation project for the square after the demolition of the elevated train that ran along sixth avenue. The southern part of the area between 32nd and 33rd streets is actually Greely Square, named after Horace Greely who ran the New York Tribune, a rival of the Hearld.