Well autumn has come to Sweden,(and other countries) and some days it rains extremely! and you have promisedyourself the day before to go for that run!, So just do it!, you will be so proud afterwards promise! But what should you consider? I have thought of 10 things that I always think of before / after running . 

1-shoes, wear good shoes that don’t leak, if you happen to run into a little puddle of water! so buy a pair of running shoes, or think about it next time you buy running shoes that maybe the hot “nike air” shoes, not are the best shoes.

2-Dress less! If you can run in a T-shirt it’s awesome! otherwise if you have a lot of jackets and shirts, you will become sweaty from the inside and it’s not so cozy!

3 Make-up! NEVER forget whatever you do to wash off your makeup before! haha ran 5km for a while ago  in the rain and when I got home, my mascara was in my whole face!! looked insane!

4 Protect the electronics, if you run with music, maybe you should put the cell phone in the pocket of your raincoat, or if you have headphones, I would advise you to have something on your head maybe a hood or hat? :)

Switch clothes! when you come in, you should immediately jump into the shower so you don’t catch a cold :)

6- Run in the forest-if you run in the forest  you will be less wet for trees will protect you a little.

7-Be careful: While running be extra careful and watch your footing. Puddles may hide a pothole, and roads gets slick when it is wet.

8-Dry Out Your Shoes: When you get back from a wet run, take off your running shoes, loosen the laces, take out the insoles, and stuff them with crumpled balls of newspaper. This helps the shoes keep their shape, and the paper draws moisture away from the shoes. Do not put your wet shoes on direct heat! The heat will dry out the materials in the shoes and mess with the shoes integrity.

9-don’t forget to drink water! when you get home you might not be so glad to drink anything but it’s important for you!  tea is a great tip!

10-BE HAPPY! YOU DID IT!! even 1km is better than nothing!

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When working out make sure each workout is pushing you further than the last. Dont compare yourself to others. Focus on you and getting better little by little. Those small improvements will become huge results.

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