healthyek said:

So I need some help! I'm going on vaca on Sunday and need some tips to get through it without gaining back the 25 pounds I've lost. And I know that is impossible but I can very easily gain weight I swear! My plan going into it is to eat my breakfast and lunch as health/clean as possible.. Fruit eggs salad lean meats ECt... Dinner is normally the hard part because its diff food and I wanna try it all.. Then there's the drinking!!! Which ill be doing daily. I'm going to try to workout daily..Tips?

You know what? It’s the holidays!! You can allow yourself to try a bit of stuff you don’t normally eat :) Portion control is key! Christmas dinner is always so yummy so allow yourself to have some, just don’t overdo it! Also try to drink a lot of water before you eat so you end up feeling full sooner. Good luck!