THIS IS AN ANIMATED SHORT That I made about doctors and medicine and stuff. It is a comedy. Even though it may seem like it is trying to make a big profound point, the main thing is the humour…..I think. I didn’t try and make some satire of healthcare or the NHS, I just came up with some silly ideas and made them into a cartoon inspired by multiple visits to the doctor that were getting me absolutely nowhere. Some bits are loosely based on experience but most is just made up for giggles. If you see some deeper meaning, then that’s great, it’s different for everyone, and who knows what my subconscious is throwing at me when I am writing ideas down… if you just see a bunch of random meaningless crap, that is fine too - I see that when looking at lots of art. I just made it for you all to watch. Nothing else.

watch it here

The Swab Team: The guys who take saliva samples (swabs) from corpses, place them in safety boxes on their motorcycles, and ride them over to labs to see if the samples test positive for Ebola.

Image by Amy Maxmen, via Instagram. Sierra Leone, 2014.

The Fight Against Ebola: Donating the Cure - Amy Maxmen for the Economist from the project, “Disaster Science During the Ebola Outbreak.”

Scout is at the ER/UrgentCare/WhateverTheFuckNellisIsDoingTheseDays. 

I don’t think it’s the hand, foot, & mouth that school wrote about. I think she’s got impetigo, actually.  She gets really dry skin around her face in the winter - it happened last year so I wasn’t worried for a while. But then it turned into spots/sores. It first looked like pimples but now it’s just open wounds and scabbish things. 

I could have gotten up in the morning, called the appt scheduling people, waited hours for the nurse to get my message and call me back to say they don’t have any appointments for a month and suggest I take her to the ER on base. All the while having her miss school for what we don’t know. 

But since I’m 99% sure the result would be just go to the Nellis ER I sent her with The Capt tonight. At least this way she can start antibiotics if needed; I can assure the school her face just looks gross and she’s been cleared to go if that’s the case. Plus I don’t have to deal with that shit with both kids by myself. And he has to do a lot of work tonight anyway so he took it with him and brought the iPad for her to accomplish while they wait. 

I’m here and I’m supposed to be cleaning thing things. We have guests coming in a week. I’ll get to it. 

Ever wondered what your dog thinks of you? Brain scans are making that dream a reality by allowing researchers to see inside the canine mind. And what they’re learning is even better news: it turns out, our furry friends may love us as much as we love them. Read more about this research at Mic, where we’re exploring the universe in our heads with a one-month series on the latest advances in brain research. 

GIF by Julian Glander

I was the only international reporter at the press conference announcing the government’s new strategy against Ebola in the Sierra Leone capital city. It was awesome to talk with local journalists. They’re struggling to help the government spread messages to curb the outbreak, while at the same time wanting to report on inadequacies in the government’s response.

Image by Amy Maxmen, via Instagram. Sierra Leone, 2014.

The Fight Against Ebola: Donating the Cure - Amy Maxmen for the Economist from the project, “Disaster Science During the Ebola Outbreak.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state’s Department of Health have proposed a new regulation for New York’s Medicaid programs to cover transition-related care.

Under this new regulation, Medicaid will cover hormone replacement therapy and gender-affirming surgeries for trans people. Cuomo’s proposal would eliminate a 1998 regulation that specifically prevented coverage for “care, services, drugs or supplies rendered for the purpose of gender reassignment.”

“We applaud the Cuomo administration for taking this important step,” said Michael Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. But we call upon it to remove all restrictions for medically necessary transgender health care.”

Nathan M. Schaefer, executive director of Empire State Pride Agenda, also welcomed the proposal.

“After years of advocacy, we’re thrilled that transgender New Yorkers will finally be able to access medically necessary health care through Medicaid,” he said.

Cuomo last week announced that insurance companies in the state must cover gender reassignment surgery, hormone therapy and other trans-specific health care. The New York City Council on Dec. 8 approved a bill that will allow trans New Yorkers to change the gender on their birth certificates without sex reassignment surgery.

New York! Really stellar progress on trans issues in just a couple of weeks. Well done.

Photo by Delphine Goux/MSF

“My baby needs me to take HIV drugs everyday but I cannot walk 5 hours every month to get them”

Name: Ana Maria Manuel
Location: Mozambique

An HIV-positive pregnant or breastfeeding woman who is not on antiretroviral treatment has one out of three chance of transmitting the virus to her baby. In 2013, 240,000 children were infected through their mothers. When women like Ana, above, are on effective ARV treatment, the risk of transmitting the virus to babies is reduced to less than four percent. “I started treatment in 2005 thanks to my counselor who really encouraged me to be on ARVs,” says Ana. “I know it’s very important because I have three children. Because I am very serious about my treatment, they are thankfully all HIV-negative. But it’s hard to be good and adhere to treatment when the clinic is so far away.” On World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, MSF is calling for health providers to adapt treatment to realities of patients’ lives:

Photo by Munyaradzi Makari/MSF

“I don’t enjoy being at the clinic. Bring ARVs to the community”

Name: Bev Murevi
Location: Zimbabwe

HIV patients need daily antiretroviral (ARV) treatments, a diagnosis that requires monthly trips to the clinic to pick up drugs. Bev, above, has been on ARV for five years and has to walk over seven miles each way to get to the clinic to pick up her drugs. Community Antiretroviral Treatment Groups (CAGs) help patients by decreasing trips to the clinic to only once a year. “With the CAGs, I can rely on my group members to bring drugs to me, except when I have to go in person to see my clinician for my yearly check up,” says Bev. “CAGs give us a chance to rest.” That being said, patients still agree that it would be better if treatments were closer than a half-marathon’s journey. On World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, MSF is calling for health providers to adapt treatment to realities of patients’ lives:

9 Travesties Of Justice Of 2014

Every year, stories emerge that serve as a reminder that the American system of justice means injustice for too many, with some receiving little or no punishment for egregious offenses, while others receive harsh or faulty punishment for much less, or even by way of partisan civil court decisions.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" — Martin Luther King, Jr. | Follow ThinkProgress

Medicine today values intervention far more than it values care. Gawande writes that for a clinician, “nothing is more threatening to who you think you are than a patient with a problem you cannot solve.” The result is that all too often, “medicine fails the people it is supposed to help.” The old doctor-knows-best ethos was profoundly flawed. But it was rooted in an ethic of care for the whole person, perhaps because physicians, less pressed for time, knew their patients better. Danielle Ofri notes that it was the paternalistic old doctors, still hanging around her medical school wearing “starched shirts [and] conservative ties,” who taught her the art of respecting her patients’ individuality: “For them, approaching the bedside of a patient was a sacred act.” One day she had a class with an intimidating cardiothoracic surgeon. To her surprise, he was as tender toward his wards as he was gruff toward his students, who, he insisted, should always seat themselves at the level of the patient or lower. “They are the ones who are sick,” he emphasized, “and they are the ones running this interview, not you.”

MEGHAN O’ROURKEDoctors Tell All—And It’s Bad, The Atlantic, November 2014 

Can we reclaim an ethic of care while continuing to move away from patriarchal, white-man’s-burden, ways of caring? Is there room for caring in corporatized medicine?

  • pro-choicers:*show evidence linking widespread contraceptive use to lower abortion rates*
  • pro-lifers:we totally want a lower abortion rate! We are all for contraceptives!
  • pro-choicers:great! Let's allow people to have easier access to IUDs.
  • pro-lifers:oh no. Not those. Those kill babies.
  • pro-choicers:*show credible scientific proof that IUDs do not disrupt already established pregnancies*
  • babies.
  • pro-choicers:o...kay. Let's allow people to have greater access to the implant!
  • pro-choicers:depo?
  • pro-lifers:no...
  • pro-choicers:the patch?
  • pro-lifers:no...
  • pro-choicers:the pill?!
  • pro-lifers:no...
  • pro-choicers:you claim you're for contraceptives! wtf!
  • pro-lifers:condoms and the rhythm method work great! Those are contraceptives and they make you be RESPONSIBLE.
  • pro-choicers:...

First off, many thanks to everyone who’s contributed their thoughts/ideas on my NPO project! Special S/O to the lovely Mr. cranquis who’s just been like,


Many thanks for the signal boost!!


The contributions have been amazingly helpful! I’ve seen them all, and now, per request of beyondtheoath, I’ve created a master-post listing all of your beautiful thoughts and ideas for this project!
So why am I doing this? Well to get straight to the point, let’s all face the fact that the struggle to become a doctor (MD/DO), or any other healthcare profession for that matter, is REAL y’all. Like,


And the number of resources for students interested in attaining a career in the healthcare industry? Well, for lack of a better word,


But what if there was a site where you can get all the help and support you need to reach them dreams of yours? And no, modernathena90, I PROMISE you this will definitely NOT turn out to be the evil spawn of SDN. I’m talking ‘bout the MCAT, science course help (like orgo and physics), med-school applications & interview help, volunteer/shadowing/internship/research opportunities….but also a mentor-ship program linking pre-health students with med students, or even a mentor-ship program for students who are already in med school?? YES, aaall of dat!!



1. Free (Yes, FREE) online MCAT help. 
2. Free online science-course help
3. CPR training 
 Med school application & Interview support to help you go from this:


to this:


5. Resources to volunteer/shadowing/internship/research opportunities. Y’all want me to hook you up with healthcare professionals willing to let you shadow them?? 


6. A free online mentor-ship program matching pre-health students to med-students, med students to med students, and maybe even pre-health/med-students to healthcare professionals. Want a buddy to help you through the stress of applying to med-school? Or if you’re already in med-school, a buddy to help mentor you through med-school? I’mma get you just that.



7. Support groups/Chat Rooms for those of you who need the help or want to offer help, but wanna remain anonymous (thanks, md-admissions).


8. Fun activities like suture-practice labs. I’ve done this before, and it is sooo much fun! Pic below is mine, so don’t judge my suture skills.

9. Stress-relieving activities like puppy and kitty therapy (YES, ladykaymd and meowedschool you heard me right).




10. Ok, so this is something new that I thought up just recently, but who’d like a coupon for a free/discounted massage at your local spa? You know, to help relieve all that stress?


Ok, that’s it for now! If you have any other ideas/thoughts to add, please reply/reblog this post with anything you think might be fun/cute/helpful! I will definitely update you all on this every chance I get! Oh, and please keep in mind that you’re not lost. It’s all about the journey, so have fun adventuring! 


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