Americans often risk arrests to protest for a range of causes – from climate change to better wages. The arrests, however, might cost them.

"Look at Ferguson. Look at all of the arrests that have happened. All of these individuals who might have a record that they might not even realize that in six months, or several years down the road, will follow them and could cause them to lose a job.”

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If you support an organization (this includes organized religion/religious institutions) which aid in the dispersement of false information about reality to children and adults alike, your good intentions are overshadowed by your own ignorance and you’re a part of the problem, not the solution.

Your “take” or (psychological) “interpretation” of scripture, doctrine, or code is irrelevant when others’ lives are being manipulated at the will of parents, pastors, and peers whom are only capable of being impressionable when the minds they focus on (and surround themselves) have not been adequately equipped with the tools of skepticism in such a way to have refined their critical thinking to a degree for which they are impervious to indoctrination.

The same can be said of political or “powerful” figures, including sources of media and communication.

Scientific literacy is the vaccine against ignorance. And I’m hopeful that we are transitioning into a new Age of Enlightenment whereby religion - which again, we need to remind ourselves, is merely a psychological construct - fades away for a global scientifically literate citizenry capable to solve tomorrow’s problems and embrace our responsibility and stewardship to the universe, instead of being mentally enslaved to ancient human ideologies.

Ignorance is the only weight that anchors our future.

The Genesee Hotel jumper - "I snatched my camera from the car and took two quick shots as she seemed to hesitate. As quickly as possible I shoved the exposed film into the case and reached for a fresh holder. I no sooner had pulled the slide out and got set for another shot than she waved to the crowd below and pushed herself into space. I took a firm grip on myself, waited until the woman passed the second or third story, and then shot."

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