This is a master post full of… all kinds of stuff!

Need a hug?  (This is honestly so cute!)

Draw a stick man

Sketch online 

Need to vent?


Watch your thoughts dissolve

A place full of yummy food

Can’t afford photo shop? 

Make stunning graphics… no download!

Feeling isolated?

Anxiety self-help master-post

Learn to code 2

Ten ways to help prevent nail biting

How to love yourself

How to stop skipping breakfast

How to make a ‘skinny roll’ (For packing)

Improve your writing habits

5 ways to add sparkle to your writing

4 ways to gain confidence in your amazing writings

4 random writing tips

How to write a proper death scene

Reasons you need to eat

Recovering from an eating disorder

Studying techniques 

How to pull an all nighter and still do well on an exam

Relive stress

Help with panic attacks

Relaxing playlist

Help with depression

Coping with suicidal thoughts

Make a comfort box

10 things to do when you feel like crap

25 ways to avoid self-harm

99 things to do instead of cutting

Helping somebody who is suicidal

Helping a friend who self harms

What to tell somebody who is going to commit suicide 

Tips to fall asleep fast 

Bedtime calculator

What to do when you are told you are not pretty

280 reasons to recover from an eating disorder

Tips to stop restricting food (Starving yourself)

Coping with an exercise addiction

54 tips on saving money

Creating a resume 

Organize your closet

Url shortener 

Reaction gifs

Find problems/improve your website/blog 

How to deal with writers block

What to do when writing isn’t enjoyable anymore

What to do when you are nervous about family/friends reading your writing

10 tips to help be rid of writing insecurity 

Name generators

Revising your writing 

Take free collage courses in spare time (Who does that?? Ehem… me)

Plot generator 

Photo editors/resources/graphics online (and free) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 

Fan-art Gallery and a place to post your own!

Talk to much for twitter?

Want HQ photographs of your favorite celebrities?  2

Become a kid again with Disney

Spent (A game worthwhile) 

Design a cool outfit

Find lyrics to your favorite songs and find out what they mean

Make your quote look fancy

Stuff to help your writing

Stuff to make your Tumblr look gorgeous! (or handsome… that works too. :P) 2 3 4 5 6 7

Tumblr themes that are amazing 2 3 4 5 6

Create your own Tumblr theme without having to learn HTML 2

Download free fonts to your computer 2 

Make a colour scheme 2

The 5000 question survey

Get a free domain name 

Create a cursor 

Make your text into something amazing 2

HTML editor

Find photo’s, quotes and fanfictions in one place

Make a banner with special text

Make a speech bubble

Fake tweet generator

Make fake phone conversations

Tumblr writing guide

Masterpost of amazing writers

When you are tempted to begin starving/purging/binge eat

Best “The Wanted” fanfiction writers master post

Get your book published

Watch TV series online free

MP3 downloads

Resource pack (Onetedswift)

Can’t afford Microsoft Word?

(Note- So I finally made the master post I wanted to do! I’m sorry nothing is categorized, I’m real bad at that. Anyway, I hope this helps.  You all are lovely. Thanks for checking this out! Love you! xx)

And let me tell you something: I can finally fucking breathe. I can breathe because I’m not suffocating myself with insults in belief that you were constantly judging me. I can breathe because I no longer burrow my face into my pillow at 3 AM crying, wondering “why you won’t like me back” and “what the hell is wrong with me”. I can finally breathe because maybe - just maybe - falling for someone as selfish and narcissistic as you is exhausting and painful and it will undoubtedly keep you awake all night for days at a time and it will destroy you mentally and physically and you couldn’t be more wrong if you think I would ever go back to someone as self-centered as you. Because I finally have a voice in this world. And you would be damned if you think you can take that away from me again.
—  texts I’m glad I sent (source: here)

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Looking to pay off school fees? Read about my new company below!

Long story short- make money online (it’s safe and uses Paypal) to help pay off school fees or reduce stress. Pay someone to edit your essay, or edit essays yourself. The website, (earn + tuition) is primarily for students (and anyone else interested) and uses the most basic UI ever to make it easy for anyone across the globe. Please reblog to spread the word!

What is this all about?

I’ve been on Tumblr for about three years; so I know what people here care about, and what they don’t. I know that a majority of us, like 90% of us, are students who struggle financially, primarily when it comes to school. So, as someone who’s taking business management in university and who understands the struggle of bring a full time student (lectures, commute time, studying, assignments, etc.), I decided to do something that could benefit all of us. 

How can we make money?

Using the whole “entrepreneurship” thing, I decided to create an online microjob site that will allow students to make money in the comfort of their own home. You can offer photoshop editing, web design, essay editing; anything you can think of. You can price services from as low as $1 for something small, such as thinking of an essay title, or up to $50, such as writing up an entire essay for someone that’s due this week. 

Who are you?

I’m an 18 year old student living abroad in an international school and learning a new language. I’ve always been interested in creating my own business that will be beneficial and not a huge money scheme like the big guys. That’s why I’ve decided not to make any money off the site, like with annoying ads, by simply taking a 10% commission of transactions made on the site; that’s half of what larger companies take. Also, as you can tell, my grammar sucks.

How do we know this isn’t a scam? 

When you purchase and withdraw from the website, you’re doing so with Paypal which if you didn’t know, is the safest way to pay for anything. When you make a purchase, your money is held in the site, not with the seller or anything, and once they deliver your order AND you approve it, THEN the money is taken from you. As a seller, you’re basically getting the money on the table, and once you send the final product, the money is yours. All in all, you’re not paying any money upfront (pay $100 dollars and come use my site! No! you only pay for the services you want!). 

How can we help out?

Well as a student, I don’t have the funds to purchase $5,000 marketing campaigns. I’m doing everything myself (as you can tell the website is kinda bland at the moment… I’ll improve this as the site starts to generate revenue). Please like, follow, and share, the company’s profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Try to get your friends to sign up, or simply reblog this! Tumblr is the best way to advertise, and I’ve created this site for YOU guys!

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anonymous asked:

I want to read books on veganism that are focused more on animal rights issues than health and ecological themes. do you have any recommendations? x

I’m currently reading Eating Animals by Johnathan Safran Foer and loving it!

I also have The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle on audiobook and adore that too :)

Ooh and Skinny Bitch by Kim Barnouin!

Hi…My name is Asha and Im studying Global Nutrition and Health at Metropolitan University in Copenhagen. I am specializing in Public Health Nutrition and Policy, on my second year now. This is my first week as an intern at the Health Ministry in Malta at the department of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. You might be wondering how I ended up on Malta, a little island in the Mediterranean. Well, this goes way back to my time as a volunteer doing an EVS project ( European Voluntary Service) in 2007, where I did a project with environmental health and stray animals. Ever since Malta has been in my heart. At the arrival in the beautiful sunny island I emailed the Health Promotion Directorate and due to public holidays I had to start on a Wednesday. I was received very well by the staff and they were all very kind and welcoming. Tomorrow I will be attending the launch of Healthy Eating and Physical Activity policy at the Ministry of Education and the day after I will attend a valentine themed health promotion day on the ferry to the neighboring island Gozo. Stay tuned for more info….


Medfest 2015: ‘Global Medicine and Civilisations’

Medfest is a film festival run by UK psychiatry trainees.

The video above, ‘To This Day Project’ by Shane Koyczan, a film featured in Medfest 2014, addresses bullying and mental health.

The theme of Medfest 2015 is ‘Global Medicine and Civilisations’; the films will address issues around how mental health is perceived, experienced and dealt with in different cultures across the world. 

Keep reading

Multipurpose Landing Page Template - ReadyMade (Landing Pages)

Multipurpose Landing Page Template – ReadyMade (Landing Pages)

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In My Mind

In my mind,

I’ve experienced more than I would out in reality.


I felt the pain of a thousand deaths,

both my own and others I care for.

I’ve been damaged beyond repair,

both physically and mentally.

I usually come through strong, tough, unbreakable -

but there are times when I simply crumple up and don’t move.


In my mind,

I exaggerate my reality.


I’ve felt more pain and more despair

than what I have actually felt.

I relate stories of my past,

sometimes just to remember the true feeling.

I have far too many memories

that I can’t place under fiction or reality.


In my mind,

I’m still caged.


The one place I’m free,

I’m still chained down.

The one place I can make anything happen

is under lock and key from morning to evening.

The one place I can express myself,

I suppress out of fear.


In my mind,

I have already accepted defeat and death

without having ever lived or tasting victory.