“I am safe and secure in my own body”

I’ve been feeling wacky with dissociation lately, and decided to make these for myself. (And of course I was going to upload them for you guys too.) It took me three full sketch sheets to get these designs, it just didn’t want to happen easily. But here they are. It’s highly recommended that these be kept on person at all times / held onto; if you can draw them on your body even better!


Medical-Device Makers Urged to Bolster Cybersecurity

The Wall Street Journal / Christopher Weaver / June 13, 2013

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration asked medical-device makers to fortify products against hackers and malware Thursday, citing a recent uptick in cybersecurity incidents affecting equipment such as patient monitors and imaging devices.

In the guidance, officials asked companies to develop security controls that would protect the confidentiality and integrity of data and limit malfunctions in the event of computer viruses, which they said could lead to patient harm.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

5 ways health data breaches are far worse than financial ones

Government Health IT / Tom Garrubba / November 10, 2014

Remember that song Janis Joplin made famous “Piece of My Heart?” I do, and it reminds me of the fundamental difference between financial and healthcare data breaches.

The breach of personal financial information causes stress — recovering missing funds, paying late fees or interest, worrying about credit worthiness. Ultimately, however, a person’s financial identity can be fully restored.

Source: Government Health IT

President Obama: Climate Change Is an ‘Immediate Risk to Our National Security’

When President Obama delivered the keynote address at the Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremonies Wednesday, the theme was one he’s been hitting with increasing frequency as he nears the end of his time in office: climate change. He has emphasized its impact on the economy, public health and national security. He focused on the latter at the Coast Guard ceremony, with an increased sense of urgency.

As Republicans in Congress fight against Obama’s climate measures such as the Clean Power Plan while also raising the alarm about terrorism and trying to position themselves as the party best equipped to fight it, the President appears to be painting them into a corner.

“This cannot be subject to the usual politics and the usual rhetoric,” said Obama to the Coast Guard graduates, even as Republicans are applying ideological rhetoric to virtually every environmental issue.

The President stressed the importance of the missions that the graduates will participate in, saying, “We need you to safeguard our ports against all threats, including terrorism. We need you to respond in times of disaster or distress and lead your rescue teams as they jump out of perfectly good helicopters. We need you in the Middle East; in the Gulf; alongside our Navy; in places like West Africa, where you helped keep the ports open so that the world could fight a deadly disease. We need you in the Asia Pacific, to help our partners train their own coast guards to uphold maritime security and freedom of navigation in waters vital to our global economy.”

Then he said, “This brings me to the challenge I want to focus on today—one where our Coast Guardsmen are already on the front lines, and that, perhaps more than any other, will shape your entire careers—and that’s the urgent need to combat and adapt to climate change. As a nation, we face many challenges, including the grave threat of terrorism. And as Americans, we will always do everything in our power to protect our country. Yet even as we meet threats like terrorism, we cannot, and we must not, ignore a peril that can affect generations.”

“Cadets, the threat of a changing climate cuts to the very core of your service,” he continued. “You know the beauty of the sea, but you also know its unforgiving power. Here at the Academy, climate change—understanding the science and the consequences—is part of the curriculum, and rightly so, because it will affect everything that you do in your careers. Some of you have already served in Alaska and aboard icebreakers, and you know the effects. As America’s Maritime Guardian, you’ve pledged to remain always ready—Semper Paratus—ready for all threats.  And climate change is one of those most severe threats.”

He then moved into the meat of his presentation.

“I’m here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security,” he said. “And make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country.”

Climate change, he said, “will shape how every one of our services plan, operate, train, equip and protect their infrastructure, their capabilities, today and for the long term.” And given that so many military facilities are coastal, that could threaten their readiness for action, he said.

He pointed out some of the risks that today’s and tomorrow’s Coast Guard might have to cope with. They included rising seas forcing people from their homes and creating more refugees.

“I guarantee you the Coast Guard will have to respond,” he said, just as they are part of the international relief teams responding to humanitarian disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

He pointed to food shortages due to drought and increases competition for resources as another threat and mentioned two instances of instability and violence they’d led to: “Severe drought helped to create the instability in Nigeria that was exploited by the terrorist group Boko Haram. It’s now believed that drought and crop failures and high food prices helped fuel the early unrest in Syria, which descended into civil war in the heart of the Middle East.”

He said that responding to the impacts of climate change would ultimately not be enough: “As men and women in uniform, you know that it can be just as important, if not more important, to prevent threats before they can cause catastrophic harm. And only way—the only way—the world is going to prevent the worst effects of climate change is to slow down the warming of the planet. The world has to finally start reducing its carbon emissions—now.”

The President enumerated again the steps he’s already proposed to do so, including making building more energy efficient, investing more in research on renewable technologies, cutting carbon emissions from power plants and working with other countries to strike international greenhouse gas reduction agreements.

He hit one jarring note, given his recent approval of Shell’s plan to drill for oil in the fragile Arctic seas ecosystem, a move widely condemned by environmental groups.

“Climate change means Arctic sea ice is vanishing faster than ever,” he said. “We’re witnessing the birth of a new ocean—new sea lanes, more shipping, more exploration, more competition for the vast natural resources below. The U.S. is an Arctic nation, and we have a great interest in making sure that the region is peaceful, that its indigenous people and environment are protected, and that its resources are managed responsibly in partnership with other nations. I believe that our interests in the Arctic demand that we continue to invest in an enduring Coast Guard icebreaking capacity.”

Obama took another sly stab at the climate deniers in Congress.

“Now, I know there are still some folks back in Washington who refuse to admit that climate change is real,” he said. “And on a day like today, it’s hard to get too worried about it. There are folks who will equivocate. They’ll say, ‘You know, I’m not a scientist.’ Well, I’m not either. But the best scientists in the world know that climate change is happening. Our analysts in the intelligence community know climate change is happening. Our military leaders—generals and admirals, active duty and retired—know it’s happening. Our homeland security professionals know it is happening. And our Coast Guard knows it’s happening.”

Health Insurance: Benefits Aplenty, Security Made sure

Health aasurance is the monetary coverage provided to interchange medical costs incurred warranted to health care requirements. Policies can be purchased on an individual level, in correspondence to a family lemon-yellow a group. Gone are the days when health assurance was considered to be a domain upon middle aged kinswoman. With diseases similar as an instance cardiovascular problems, renal diseases and cancers heartrending people as immature as formerly twenties or early thirties, health asssurance has spring up an efficacious requirement in consideration of the younger generation.
Soundness asssurance is a necessity for the younger crowd
In the present psychological moment, unswervingly to oiltight paced lifestyle, late, working hours, night shifts and increased stress, the younger archigenesis has become susceptible to more number of health care issues. Plagiarize for example, the lifestyle in re a young call center employee who earns adequate income but is beside often than not burdened by health issues due to roving nutriment habits and inadequate sleep. These individuals have a distal most risk of major wholeness challenges at a younger wrinkle.
What is more, as they get old gent, their health deteriorates furthermore and risks constantly increase. Insurance companies brokerage rivaling premiums from people who are unclogged for multiple health risks and monad of the factors that are considered while deciding premiums is lifestyle habits. People who live an sprung life term maximize paying much more modern terms of premiums. So, in preference to more practical wisdom than not, it is imperative that they go with health insurance policy benefits to supporting cast their long term plans.
Key Health Business life insurance Plans
Normalness assurance plans as a whole embody acid doctor services, hospital services, most prison ward tests, meaningful services like mammograms and X-rays, preventive routine care like thoroughgoing checkups and vaccinations, cardhouse care and specified off wholesomeness issues, can be in the extreme refreshing.
Customization of health asssurance policies is a major facility that is available now. The options begin from two year hitch and can range on behalf of decades, depending on your choice. Ourselves can either choose an noteworthy cover, straw-colored if you are a newly married bodily, a family bounce insurance policy can be extremely practical because it seek patrocliny cover so up to twosome deliveries evenly well as new born baby tint. By purchasing the Platinum plan, inner man believe vaccination benefits for homefolks up to the age of 12.
Look at the bigger picture
Health faith is a boon up working individuals with stress and mastery as part of their routine pertness, who need to champion that the triumph over case scenarios fashionable life are accounted for. If you don EUR™t have Insurance coverage so that your vigor, you end up paying significant higher hospital bills when compared towards the expenses incurred in sound premiums. In the event of hospitalization deserts to disorder or impairment, the mental agony adds to your woes. Health asssurance is a hard-and-fast to protect your complete family and should be a burden of your financial planning. The right health insurance plans self-control be a major source of clear sailing so that the individuals and their families.


Guns seem to be a vital part to American culture, according to many Americans. Many of them seem to have build up some sort a sexual attraction to their guns, screaming: “OBAMA IS COMMIN’ FOR MUH GUNS” everytime a massacre takes place. They defend them allowing to have guns without any regulation because the constitution and the whole ‘you need a good guy with a gun to deal with a bad guy with a gun.’. They totally forget that guns are not a solution to a problem of crime. But they are not, they only increase paranoia, make it easy to get a gun and cause a lot of accidental deaths. Guns are more like a fire department. Firefighters fight fires, and guns can be used for self defense. But what if you really want to prevent fires you make sure you deal with potentional fire hazards. Same for crime, arming everyone won’t cause crime to drop. What however will help is good social security, good healthcare and education. If you get people at work or if you make sure that they don’t have to become a criminal to make some money or make sure that the mentally unstable get their much needed help than crime will drop. 

Majority of criminal health care data breaches target point-of-sale, not HER

ZDNet / Denise Amrich / September 9, 2013

Verizon is back with another of their amazing Data Breach Investigation Reports. Each year, Verizon studies the scope of data breaches in a variety of industries and summarizes the results in one of their Data Breach Investigation Reports. In earlier years, the company worked just with the U.S. Secret Service, but this year, they’ve branched out and gathered information by working with the Australian Federal Police, the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit, the Irish Reporting & Information Security Service, the Police Central e-Crime Unit, and United States Secret Service.

More to the point of ZDNet Health, this year, Verizon broke out a variety of industry verticals and subjected them to their own scope of analysis. Healthcare was one such industry vertical, and they published their DBIR Industry Snapshot: Healthcare (PDF).

Source: ZDNet

OK So It Was A Good Surprise

The surprise for me was that my best friend-the love of my life-is visiting me from Florida.  This is wonderful and I am happier than I have been in a while.  In this case it was a good surprise; and her trip is the inspiration for today’s blog.

While traveling on American Airlines, my bff went through security, which involved being x-rayed.  Now, I understand that they are just trying to keep…

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Anadolu Agency has reported that Venezuela’s diplomatic representation in Palestine will be elevated to full embassy status. The news was revealed in the wake of a visit to Venezuela by PA Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki, which resulted in the signing of 18 cooperation agreements related to trade, energy, agriculture, health, education, defence and security, according to TeleSUR.

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez stated: “Following instructions from President Nicolas Maduro, we will raise our representation in the heroic Palestinian states to embassy level.”

During a first meeting which brought together Palestinian ambassadors in South America and which was attended by Al-Maliki, Rodriguez declared: “The people of Bolivar and Chavez are ready to accompany the Palestinian people in their struggle for independence and reclamation of territory, which has been violently stripped away by Israel.”

I had a really nice lunch today with one of the new grads at work whom I’ve never really spoken with. It’s nice to have free-flowing conversation with someone. Excitable and open people make me happy. It had a bit of a date vibe though, haha.

I’m on Day 2 trialling a vegetarian diet. I visited a farm for work on Monday and seeing cute cows really forced me to think about where my meat comes from. Nothing against anybody who feels differently but I really want to try and cut meat out. It was just the final defining moment that made me want to give it a go properly.

 I’ve become obsessed with watching documentaries about food health, food security and climate change and I just want to feel like I’m living more sustainably. I’m hoping it will make me healthier too. 

I always thought I couldn’t have any kind of diet that imposes restriction of a certain type of food but I’ve never been a huge meat eater. The kinds of meat I’ll miss are all fast food too (cheeseburgers, Nando’s). 

Will report back to see how I go. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself in case I fail but at the same time I feel very strongly about it and I don’t want to give up too easily. 

Boatswain’s Mate Seaman Douglas McLain, left, assigned to Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Va., and Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Airman Cynthia Cea, assigned to Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River, Md., secure a hoist sling to an MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter assigned to the Sea Knights of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 22 on the flight deck of the Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) during flight operations in support of Continuing Promise 2015.

5 Essentials to Reduce Healthcare Data Breaches

HIT Consultant / November 7, 2014

According to the 2014 Healthcare Breach Report from Bitglass, the total number of healthcare data breaches per year has remained fairly constant for the past three years—averaging about 200 breaches per year. About 6x as many credit card numbers as medical records are stolen each year. Healthcare data breaches are a big deal for healthcare consumers, the cost of breaking the rules is steep: Up to $50,000 per HIPAA violation, or up to $1,500,000 per calendar year per identical violation. In one notable case, an employee of Mass General Hospital accidentally left a file folder on the subway that ended up costing the provider $1 million dollars in fines due to the folder containing the PHI of 192 patients. 

Source: HIT Consultant

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Canary Home Security Camera Reviews

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device – Silver


Canary is a complete home security system packed into a single device – a modern approach to security that lets you protect the people and places you care about most. It’s built to learn and adapts to your home over time; whenever it detects something out of the ordinary in your house or apartment, Canary sends intelligent notifications with HD video and audio directly to your smartphone. That way, you can make smart decisions when something’s wrong and feel connected when everything’s right.

Smart Home Security for Everyone


We believe anyone should be able to go anywhere, do anything, and still know what’s happening at home. The problem is, traditional security systems are hard to install and harder to use. And what if you rent? It’s nearly impossible to take conventional systems with you when you move.

That’s why we designed Canary, a complete security system packed into a single device you control from your smartphone. Canary is a modern approach to home security, and since it doesn’t need additional sensors, setup takes minutes, not days. Download the app, set Canary on a flat surface, plug it in, connect it to the internet, and you’re ready to go.

With no contracts or required monthly fees and free cloud storage of recent events, Canary works right out of the box to protect the people and places you care about most. And since Canary’s intelligent notifications only alert you when something unusual happens, you’ll make smart decisions when something’s wrong and feel connected when everything’s right.

Simple Setup

There’s no installation. Download the free iPhone or Android app, put Canary on a shelf or table in a central area of your home, plug it in, and connect it to the internet. That’s it.

Generally, we recommend one Canary per entryway and one per floor. It’s easy to start with one and add more as needed.

Your Home, Your Call

Whether you’re on a different continent or around the block, Canary puts you in control. Easy options allow you to respond to incidents before they turn into emergencies.

Watch Live

Want to check on your pets or make sure the kids got home safe? See and hear what’s happening at home from anywhere. Live-stream HD video and high-quality audio through the free Canary app for iPhone or Android.

Video Notifications

Coming home shouldn’t be alarming. When Canary senses anything out of the ordinary, it sends a notification to your smartphone with HD video of exactly what happened.

HomeHealth Technology

Canary protects you from more than break-ins; it also looks after your well-being at home. Our HomeHealth Technology monitors air quality, temperature, and humidity. You’ll not only be more comfortable—you’ll be more prepared to avoid safety issues like poor sleep, mold growth, and respiratory problems. It all adds up to a smarter system and a safer, more comfortable home.

Canary Security

Canary’s simple, smart home monitoring solution goes way beyond the perimeter. It lets you see and hear what’s happening using wide-angle HD video monitoring, high-quality audio, motion detection, and temperature, humidity, and air quality readings. With Canary, you have all the information you need to choose the right response, whether it’s calling the authorities or sounding the alarm.

  • See and Hear: Stream real-time video of your home with Canary’s 1080p HD camera, 147 degree wide-angle lens, automatic night vision, and high-quality audio.
  • More Than a Camera: Protect your home with Canary’s 90+ dB siren, motion-activated recording, auto-arm/disarm, and optional professional monitoring.
  • HomeHealth Technology: Monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity to help understand how your home might affect your health.
  • Intelligent Notifications: Receive instant video alerts on your iOS or Android device.
  • No Installation/Contracts/Monthly Fees Required: Plug in Canary, connect to the Internet and you’re ready to go. Free secure cloud storage included.

Fewer than 50% of Torontonians have permanent full time jobs

In a city that boasts its fair share of scary economic stats (see here and here, for instance), this latest figure from a study undertaken by McMaster University and the United Way might be the scariest of all. 52 per cent of workers across the GTA and Hamilton are employed in temporary, part-time, and/or contract positions.

The Precarity Penalty” highlights a number of pitfalls associated with non-secure employment, which include a lack of health benefits, job security, and career-based job training. Precarious workers have far higher rates of mental health problems than those with secure jobs, and widely report added stress to family life.

While low income earners are hit the hardest in this capacity, those without secure jobs report detrimental effects across the income range. And the trend away from secure employment is only increasing as traditionally secure manufacturing jobs become more scarce and the service and knowledge-based industries grow.

“Since the mid-1980s, the impact of precarious employment has spread beyond women and racialized workers to reach the wider economy,” the report’s authors explain. “It has become increasingly prevalent in the knowledge sector, where employment is often project-based. It has become a dominant form of employment in the arts, media and communications sectors.”

The shift to non-secure employment has also been witnessed in the academic world, where more and more faculty are employed as contract workers, a trend that has been at the forefront of numerous labour disputes at Toronto universities and colleges.

As far as solutions go, the report advocates for better job training, better notice for workers as pertains to scheduling, closer study of the labour market, and improvements to child care to lessen the burden faced by those lacking secure employment.

The Precarity Problem is based on a survey of 4,193 workers in the GTA and Hamilton, aged 25 to 65.

Americans concerned with potential patient data breach

Search Health IT / Emily Huizenga / June 21, 2013

When security concerns among the general patient population are on the decline – and they are, according to a recent Unisys Corp. security index – the question arises: Are there fewer threats or better safety measures? The answer is both.

The survey, conducted annually by Lieberman Research Group on behalf of Unisys, which provides security products to various industries, offers a snapshot of the nation’s sense of confidence in national, personal, internet and financial security. Halfway through 2013, this year’s survey found 59% of Americans concerned about a patient data breach in healthcare organizations, with 31% pegging themselves as “somewhat” concerned and 29% as “very” concerned.

Source: Search Health IT

the-endertwin asked:

Renegade approached him slowly, her hood covering her face just enough so that he couldn't see how pale she was until she got close enough. "W-Will-" she coughed, lightly pulling down her hood. "I put the poison in me- Nano's poison- my blood can- can filter it-" she coughed again, leaning over and clutching her stomach. "Filter it out- but- I'll be sick until tomorrow...."

“Ren?” Will’s mouth fell open at the state of Ren, his arms looping around her before she could fall, “Ren, it’ll be okay, I’ll get you to the medical ward.” He mumbled, picking her up carefully. There’d be time for thanks later when Renegade was safe and her health secured

Headcanon: Devon

Devon is literally the worst person alive. Or, dead. Well, imagine the douchiest, rudest, worst asshole you can and then multiply it by ten. That’s Devon.

He’s emotionally manipulative of Dominic whenever he gets [insert positive emotion here], because he thrives on negative emotions. Devon has been with him since he and his sister were released from Area 51. A very mysterious places, filled with the things only the smart ones have seen, noticed, and taken notes on, and been called crazy for. They’re not crazy. They’re smart.

Devon is a side effect from being exposed to… certain things inside the place, along with his twin sister, who, now, is in a coma due to health related and security reasons. He’s there… but he’s also not. …A ghost, really. A very powerful, manipulative ghost.

thegreyardgang asked:

(( for the meme: doesn't matter, just younger child age - where are your parents? ))

Pick an age or point on the character’s timeline, and ask a question. The character will respond as the age.



You must be mistaken, even though I have parts of flesh I am an artificial creature. My bones and heart are of the most durable materials, made from steel and more, but it is understandable if you do not see such. It wouldn’t surprise me unless you were to be a Watcher.

As such I have no parents, but if you were to ask for where my inventor is right now, I can proudly direct you to the bio-artificial department of health care and security, located in the business center of our wonderful capitol. I hope you enjoy your stay! o°D