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This is my cat Charlotte who’s recently turned 8, and awhile ago we found her peeing blood and took her in to realize she has bladder stones. Stones cause a lot of pain and discomfort in cats, and there is a high possibility they will not dissolve and will need to be surgically removed, which is a heavy bill…

$1800 for the surgery, $500 to have her tested for the stones (+her expensive specialized diet food to help the stones)

My family and I really can’t afford the surgery on our as I’m a student and my parents are in a bad financial place where to afford something like this we would have to actually move. I made a gofundme page for Charlotte in hopes people will help her cause! 

If you can PLEASE SHARE this on Facebook and Twitter (and reblogs of course) to get the word out I’d appreciate it a lot! Thank you all so much. You can read the gofundme page for updates on her condition.

(On the donation page set your country to (USA, for this example). When it asks for your province you don’t have to write anything at all unless you’re Canadian, I think it’s just set to province cause of my location (and I cant change the currency on it either.)

Thank you all so much!


There is no such thing as an Empty Calorie

It is literally impossible for a food to be made up of energy and nothing else. No matter what, your calories exist alongside some other kind of content: Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are all going to be consumed as part of that caloric intake.

The claim that many foods contain “empty calories” because they don’t have a significant amount of nutrients is often false. Remember: Fat and carbohydrates are nutrients. Every single calorie that is comprised of them still contributes to your energy intake.

It’s true that some foods are far more nutrient-dense than others. However, a calorie is always still a calorie. One calorie is not worth any more or less than another. Do not let the fear of “empty” calories make you too ashamed or guilty to enjoy your favorite foods!


Relieve back pain and strengthen your spine

with Cobra Pose in Yoga!

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Is Young Blood The Secret To Eternal Youth?

As it turns out, young blood has some rejuvenating properties. Is it enough to keep you young forever?

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By: DNews.

People who solely get mad at rape jokes are huge hypocrites. 

“If he’s late for work, i’ll kill him” - Murder joke

“Kill all men” - Murder/genocide joke

“Fat kids are hard to kidnap” - Kidnapping joke

“If I had a kid and they did that, I’d hit em” - child abuse joke

“lol don’t drop the soup” - ‘acceptable’ prison rape joke

“Hey, can I steal your pencil for a bit? lol” - theft joke

“If my husband forgot our anniversary, i’d kill him” - Domestic Violence/Murder joke

“Drink Bleach”- Poisoning joke

“Oh my god, he’s hot. and probably legal!” - Pedophilia joke

“Get out of the road. I’m not afraid to hit you”- Manslaughter joke

“no wonder fish eat their kids”- child abuse/anabolism joke

“If I could just sniff a little of Daniel Radcliffe’s hair…” - Stalking/sexual harassment joke

“Are you sure he’s family? <3” - Incest Joke

“F*ckboi/boy” -originally about male prison rape victims 

Just like the original picture (I didn’t get permission to post the person’s URL), if you don’t like rape jokes, but support jokes about murder or other serious crimes, you are a huge hypocrite. The whole “you don’t know who might be listening” excuse can be made about all of these. And you are more likely to be murdered than rape. You are more likely to be raped in prison (male or female) than you are to get raped outside of prison. You are more likely to be the victim of theft than a rape victim. You are more likely to be, or know, the victim of child abuse. And I will go ahead and say that getting murdered is worse than rape. You can get over a rape. You can even grow to be successful. Look at Oprah. But if you’re murdered, that’s it. You don’t bounce back from that.

And I find that it is feminists who get mad at rape jokes the most, yet #killallmen has millions of reblogs and tweets. I don’t see a big shut down of these feminists. Jokes about dark humor are plentiful in our society, but apparently, we only get really mad at something when a women is perceived as the victim. on The Talk (a show by women, for women), they made fun of a guy who was the victim of genital mutilation. However, they danced around the word “rape”. The reason his wife did it? He asked for a divorce. Yet the hosts were making excuses for her and laughing about how they might do the same thing. There is a huge double standard when a society that assumes that women are the only victims of rape (U.S. FBI just recently changed the definition to include men, and feminists successfully made the word gendered again in other countries like India), and that jokes about crimes against women are totally taboo, yet we encourage the same actions on Men and of other serious crimes. It’s a horrible double standard.

You can’t stop eating beef, claiming that you don’t want to hurt animals, then turn around and stuff your face with chicken. 

Check out my list of workouts!

I have a page on my blog that I’m constantly updating (new workouts added almost every day!) organized by type and target area. I have the page mostly for personal reference for when it’s time for my daily workout, but I figured I’d bring it to your attention for the next time you’re looking for a specific kind of workout! (:

Links range from lists and explanations of moves, to videos. Workouts I’ve tried and recommend are in italics! 

Click here or click the “workouts” tab on my blog to find it later!  


Whole Body/Cardio:

Workouts with Meal Plan:

Lower Body:

Upper Body:

#YogiStrengthFoundations Day 1–#Plank. My first yoga challenge for June with the wonderful @busybodyogi. I hope to be able to commit to this one because I love the idea of going back to basics in a methodical way.
Leggings by @fractal.9
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