Untethered Miniature Origami Robot Self-folds, Walks, Swims, and Degrades

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This little origami-bot can self-fold from a piece of paper, drive around on water or land driven by a magnetic field and dissolve in acetone. The researchers goal in the mid-term future is an autonomous origami bot with self-folding sensors, operating inside your body.

IEEE has the story:

At ICRA 2015 in Seattle yesterday, researchers from MIT demonstrated an untethered miniature origami robot that self-folds, walks, swims, and degrades. That’s the title of their paper, in fact, and they delivered on all of those promises: from a flat sheet with a magnet on it, their robot folds itself up in just a few seconds, is immediately ready to zip around on land or water driven by magnetic fields, and then when you’ve run out of things to do with it, drive it into a tank of acetone and it’ll dissolve. This is the first time that a robot has been able to demonstrate a complete life cycle like this, and eventually, it’ll be doing it inside your body.

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Is there any dua for acne and to stop the growth of pimples ?

Assalamu Alaikum,

I don’t know any specific dua for acne but here are some dua to have good health

I hope it will be helpful. May Allah guide us to the straight path.



Giant Hogweed, Cartwheel-flower, Giant cow parsnip, or Hogsbane

Heracleum mantegazzianum

This impressive, giant, shade-tolerant plant was imported from the Caucasus region to various areas in the Temperate zone by curious botanists, for gardeners and beekeepers alike.

A member of the carrot (Apiaceae) family, it produces a spray of the characteristic umbellifer blossoms, rich in nectar.

Now, however, it’s considered a noxious invasive weed wherever it spreads.

The Return of the Giant Hogweed

This is in no small part due to the reaction the sap has with human tissues: it causes something called phytophotodermatitis, which is a blistering skin reaction caused by the compound furocoumarin contained in almost all the plant tissues. The “photo” part of “phytophotodermatitis“ refers to the fact that these reactions are made worse with exposure to UV radiation, and are thus “photosensitive.”

Contact with the sap can mean a blistering wound that is still UV-sensitive for years to come, and leaves a permanent scar; if contact with the eyes occurs, it can cause blindness. The offending compound in Giant Hogweed binds to DNA, killing skin cells, and causes surrounding cells to produce melanin, leading to a darker-coloured scar.

Phytophotodermatitis; Image: Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership

This plant has a number of lookalikes, owing to the fact it is from a botanical family with a rather cosmopolitan distribution. Here in Denmark, the edible and medicinal Garden Angelica (Angelica archengelica), as well as poisonous Hemlock (Conium maculatum), are mistaken for Giant Hogweed, and vice versa. In Northeastern North America, the native Cow Parsnip (Heracleum maximum), is vilified as the invader.

If you see a plant like this, avoid touching it until you have made a positive identification. They are recognisable by their hairy stems, streaked and spotted with deep purple, but have a number of identifying features as well.

Bollin Environmental Action & Conservation

In order to eradicate this noxious species, nature and wildlife services across the areas in which is grows invasively have devised a variety of methods to suppress further growth and spread.

One such method is conservation grazing: cows and pigs in particular can consume young giant hogweed leaves, so these plants are starved for photosynthetic nutrition and decline rapidly in areas that are regularly grazed.

Similar effects can be achieved with regular chopping and mowing, but aside from mechanical eradication, the only other option is herbicide. Usually, the stems are directly injected with concentrated glyphosate (formerly known under the trade name “Round-Up”), by a worker in protective gear.

Giant hogweed treatment case study

It’s not a plant you want to encounter unawares: but with the right knowledge and tools, it’s possible to avoid injury and even coexist with it.


When Poh, a mixed-breed dog living in New York City, received a terminal diagnosis from his veterinarian earlier this year, his owners set out to give their beloved pet a memorable final few weeks.

Three months later, Poh and his owner Thomas Neil Rodriguez have completed a seven-week long cross country road trip, all documented on the dog’s Instagram: @PohTheDogsBigAdventure. [via]

I think it’s sickening when people somehow need to band together in mob mentalities and group collectives, and apply a reason as to why rape is a bad thing. As if the notion and act of a rape in itself isn’t already horrific, you somehow need a nudge to be convinced?

“Rape is bad because… of power relations”

“Rape is bad because… of institutional oppression”

“Rape is bad because… of gender issues”


How about this.

Rape is bad… because rape… IS BAD.

Whoever. Whatever. Whenever. Whyever. Doesn’t matter. It’s already atrocious. It’s location, perpetrator, motivation, or victim shouldn’t somehow make the case any more or less worthy of disgust.

It’s bad, because it’s bad.

And that is a simple conclusion, that you should be able to come to, by yourself, alone,without anything or anyone else. No SJW or feminist circles, or that cultural marxist clique you’re trying to get into in college. Not that these aren’t useful, but you shouldn’t need those to convince you of the notion of a rape a horrible thing.

No one should have to give you any more information, for you to be shocked. The whiff of the act alone, should be enough.

PLENTY OF PEOPLE don’t attach themselves to groups, labels and identities in order to know that rape is one of the worst fucking crimes on this planet. Because, guess what, we already know it is. We’re not sociopaths, we don’t need further convincing.

But yet, some of you just aren’t content with that. You apparently need all these group identities, blog themes, buzzwords, terminologies, narratives and contexts to convince you that the rape is despicable. As if you didn’t already work it out yourself. It’s almost as if many of these people are impulsive and rowdy and feel entitled themselves (and don’t value others boundaries over wanting importance/infallibility/power for themselves, something that clearly shows in their personalities), and feel hard done by not getting what they want, and that it’s only their social justice/progressive idealogue circles that are the only thing convincing them of why rape contradicts their ideology (i.e. power relations, gender issues, institutional oppression… GOT TO KEEP UP THOSE IDENTITY POLITICS), and thus is the only thing stopping them from going out and committing the act right now (since the notion of rape in itself alone apparently does not convince them), since it will tarnish their image, and leave them identityless and labeless, and forced to face themselves in their most sincere form, the borderline rapist themselves. And I find that deeply worrying and disturbing. Deeply worrying and disturbing.

Additional: People always get defensive, and reply to these things with such an angry passionate butthurt, unintentionally revealing their guilty conscience in the process. So let me spell this out. If the above post does not describe you, don’t get defensive for not reason and make it look like it does. Or if it DOES describe you, and you know it does, try not to reply in the hostile manner, and thus making it painfully obvious that you are defensive, and that it does describe you. Just a handy tip, for your sake. But whatever, do what you want, it’s not me that you’re revealing after all.