I really need a favor from you guys. 

I launched a new project on my helpline blog called “Hopeful Heroes” and basically it’s a project where you talk about you hero and why they’re your hero. For me, I think that in order to have hope you need to have a hero, whether it’s a celebrity or a family member or a long time friend. 

I’ve been promoting it on this blog and messaging a few TSwift blogs and friends here on tumblr to get the word out about this project and the blog itself. Yesterday we hit 700 followers and this is a blog and a project that I’m really proud of. We haven’t had any body submit anything and it’s been kinda disappointing. I really believe in this project and believe that it could go somewhere and I would love for you to be involved. 

Just head on over to http://www.healinghope.tumblr.com/submit and share a picture, tell us about your hero, write a little blurb about your hero. I believe that in life you need other people and some of these people are your strength and that’s what I want to know and share with the world. 

Please if you could reblog this as well it would be so helpful to me. 

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Hello! My name is Destiny and I am the founder of a inspiration/hope blog called healinghope. I would love it if you could let your followers know about our blog and what we’re trying to achieve through this blog. Thank you so much! 

If you’d like to visit the blog, visit healinghope.tumblr.com

Together, we can do great things! 

I LOVE this saying. I have it hanging up in my dorm room, right above my light switch- so that every day in the morning when I head to class I see it as I turn the light off, reminding myself that Today, is going to be a good day. No matter what.” -Gabs

Hopeful Heroes: A HealingHope project

he·ronoun: 1. a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his or her brave deeds and noble qualities.

Heroes are among us. They might not wear capes or fly, but they still have a great impact on our communities. Heroes are the people in our communities that we look to for encouragement and support. They are incredibly strong and courageous: a beacon of guiding light and inspiration for others.

Do you have a hero? Has someone inspired you by their strength or their bravery? HealingHope is introducing a new project: Hopeful Heroes. We invite you to share your stories about your heroes and how they have inspired you.

In a submission, tell us who your hero is and what they mean to you. This might include 1) why they’re your hero, 2) what makes them inspiring, and 3) how have they inspired you. This may just be a few short sentences or it might be a full story — the amount that you share is up to you.

By sharing your stories of hope and inspiration, you can be a hero and reach out to others. We hope that you share your story with us.

Stay strong, always.

—The HealingHope Team

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving can be a triggering holiday for anyone struggling with mental illness. It’s important to put the day into perspective and celebrate what you have and what you are grateful for.

We asked our followers to submit what they are thankful for and here is what they said:

  • livein-freedom: I’m thankful for Demi Lovato, for giving me a second chance at life and helping me make it through the night I wanted to end my life. I’m thankful for my recovery and everything it brings me, good and bad. I’m thankful for the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, and the food/drinks in my refrigerator. I’m thankful for my family and friends for being my support system. I’m thankful for my high school guidance counselor for never giving up on me. I’m thankful for life, because I’m alive.
  • existential-nervousness: I am thankful for forgiveness. I am thankful for second chances. I am thankful for faith. I am thankful for patience. I am thankful for friendship. I am thankful for heartbreak. I am thankful for healing. I am thankful for love. I am thankful for serenity. I am thankful for time. I am thankful for hope. I am thankful for grace. I am thankful for words. I am thankful for compassion. I am thankful for peace.
  • anonymous: I’m thankful for my fiancée, my parents, and for being raised Catholic.
  • centralbeauty: I’m thankful for you guys.
  • anonymous: I’m thankful of my body; for doing everything to keep me alive and going
  • brittahhh: One thing that I am extremely thankful for is the never ending support I get from my family and friends. I do not know where I would be without these people in my life. Happy Thanksgiving! :) <3
  • yamwolf: I am thankful for my supportive husband. I am thankful to be alive. I am thankful for family. I am thankful I have everything I need to live.     
  • stuck-in-survival-mode: I am thankful for my family, they have been supportive and understanding as I struggle on this road to recovery.
  • samwinchesterisamanatee: my mom 
  • slightlyimpossible: I am thankful for the chance to start again. for friends who support and love. for smile and music. and for life.
  • anonymous: I’m thankful that I’ve come to realize what true happiness is and that I have amazing friends who support me.
  • fearlesspeaknow: I’m thankful for music, the power of healing and recovery, I’m thankful for you reading this. Happy Thanksgiving friends
  • moonxcake: I am thankful for everyone that has impacted my life and being a part of it. Because of them, I am able to live every day and still be here. For all those who know who I am talking about, thank you so much for sticking around and showing me how to love myself. Thank you for helping me explore the wonders of the world and everything. I love you all so much.

Thank you to everyone who submitted. Today is a day to be grateful and give thanks. Amid the celebration and feasting today, take the time to write a list of what you’re thankful for. Keep that list and read through it each day this next year. No matter how difficult times get, it’s important to put life in perspective. Reflecting on the blessings that you’ve been giving is an important step to recovery and a healthy life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all :)

Stay Strong & Be Brave xx — The HealingHope Team


We are completely blown away that we are able to reach out to so many people. This started as a small act of kindness and it’s turned into something much, much bigger. We are so thankful for every single one of you for being hopeful. We want to continue to reach out to others. Thank you.

Spread the love.

Stay strong —

The HealingHope Team xx

A Message from Us to You

“The message that I want to get across is that you can go through anything, you can get through it, and then you can have fun, and rise above it and use your experiences that you’ve been through to create something incredible”  -Demi Lovato

This week (September 8th - 14th) is National Suicide Prevention Week.

Please please please take this week to truly appreciate the beauty of life and realize how truly blessed you all are. Suicide is such a prevalent problem today. In fact, this blog was started in response to a girl named Kelsey’s suicide in 2011. The purpose of HealingHope is to share that there is hope!! Please know that in whatever you’re going through, there will always be someone there to listen and to understand. If your struggling with anything — depression, anxiety, mood disorder, self harm, eating disorder, suicidal thoughts — anything PLEASE DON’T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP. I promise you that someone will be there for you. If you feel alone, the HealingHope team is here for you. Every 736 of our BEAUTIFUL followers.

You are all so worthy of life. I promise you that your life has purpose. Please reach out to someone this week and show them that they’re not alone. It’s a team effort.

Stay Strong.

Love, The HealingHope Team